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Custom Pre-Roll Boxes

The pre-rolls you get may be obliging presentation pre-roll boxes and need special care, but we’ve got the perfect solution! Our custom pre-roll boxes will keep them safe from water damage or other adverse effects.

With Rapid Custom Boxes, you can have custom boxes for pre-roll joints made to hold your CBD and cannabis pre-roll packaging. You decide how many little packages should go in each package – from as few as six up to twelve or more! The custom pre-roll boxes are designed for single-roll purchases, too, so that there’s plenty of room left over when it comes time. Make things easier on yourself by wrapping them all at once before shipping out anything else (or even just giving them away!).


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    Custom Pre-Roll Boxes

    We want to help you show off your product and make sure people know what’s inside. With our Custom pre-roll boxes container packaging for CBD rolls or joints (including clear plastic inserts), we can create attractive custom-printed pre-roll boxes that will showcase the taste and how much they’re getting per serving. We have a great selection of cannabis pre-roll packages available in sizes and colors to fit your needs. You can Customize pre-roll packaging with our logo for an affordable price.

    Custom Pre-Roll Boxes Amazing Display

    The packaging brand “Rapid Custom Boxes” provides high-quality Custom Pre-Roll Boxes to promote businesses. Their products, which are primarily necessary for this industry to preserve your items from dust and different weather conditions, have made them one leading name among other brands across all sectors with their expertise in providing these essential needs.

    The clear window on these custom pre-roll packaging boxes makes pre-rolls visible, creating temptation for buyers. The fascinating design of the package makes them seem more tempting, and they’re protected by solid cardboard from any damage during shipping or handling.

    Exclusive Design

    You can make a Custom Pre-Roll Packaging Wholesale for your CBD pre-rolls that is great for keeping delicate rolls safe and sound. These are usually made in the shape of a rectangle or an extended body. You can make your pre-roll joint paper tubes unique by having logos and brands printed on them. You can design and finish these custom pre-roll boxes in many different ways to make them more appealing to people who might buy them.

    Foiling Makes Them Alluring.

    Gold foil packaging boxes add style and class to your Custom pre-roll boxes. Gold-foil pre-roll packages are easy on cost while providing an elegant look that will make customers want more gift-giving opportunities.

    Custom cardboard pre-roll packaging

    An attractive logo on the custom pre-roll boxes makes your product stand out from all others. The foil stamped design leaves a Lasting Impression And Is Distinctive Compared to Other Available Products In This Marketplace.

    Custom Kraft Pre-roll Packaging Boxes

    Whether you want to make a custom box for pre-roll joints that can be recycled when you’re done with it or if you want your product to be durable and safe, we have a lot of different kraft stock, and this one is just right. The way we make cutouts for each customer is other. Because some stores want their items to stay where they are while being shown, we can make die-cut window sections for visibility on shelves next door. We have everything we need!

    Pre-roll tins come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes. These make their pre-roll packaging more appealing than others because they want to promote their brand and keep customers coming back for more. These boxes make it easy for you to get kraft paper custom pre-roll boxes made to your specifications and can be made in any size or shape you need at a price that doesn’t break the bank. It’s also essential for us to make sure that we quickly get high-quality results at a reasonable price.

    Make Your Pre-Roll Packaging Boxes

    By giving your clients custom pre-made packages, you can make them feel elegant and help them stand out in a competitive market where looks are more important. It’s our job to help you run a better business by giving you the best custom pre-roll packaging boxes in bulk at a low price. Contact us now, and we’ll make that dream come true.

    Custom Pre-Roll Boxes Wholesale

    By giving people helpful, high-quality, obedient presentation pre-roll boxes for cannabis, you can make your company look better in the market. These Eco-Friendly Packaging of custom Pre-Roll Boxes will keep people coming back because they know what’s inside.

    In recent years, the cannabis industry has become more and more popular. This means that there are a lot of new brands coming out with high-quality Pre-roll packs. Customers look at the size of your product when they decide whether or not to buy it when they’re shopping. If you’re trying to get, people to buy something through advertising, having good graphics will help!

    Many people are buying marijuana, and the custom pre-roll boxes for this market need to be eye-catching to get their attention. They also come in rigid material with an exciting shape so that producers can put their logos on them in high-quality ways, which will make customers want to buy more of what they sell, making them more likely to buy more.

    All of us at Rapid Custom Boxes work hard every day to give our customers the best service in the business. We use attractive Custom pre-roll boxes in the wholesale shipping and fulfillment process to ensure your products are well-protected. We have been doing this for a long time, and we know that your products will be well-protected.

    We show 3D images to back up our plans for eco-friendly packaging of pre-roll boxes because we want to get each customer’s order done quickly without sacrificing quality! When everything is done, including payment, production starts right away. It means there are no more delays – it arrives when it’s supposed to.

    Using paper custom pre-roll boxes can help people become more aware and mindful of a store’s brand. This is a safety measure that comes with pre-roll bundling. It includes things like printing your company’s name, number, or other identifying marks on them so that customers can see what you have at first glance.

    There is a lot of growth in the cannabis industry, and Rapid Custom Boxes wants to make it even easier for dispensaries by giving them Custom pre-roll boxes with all the information they need. These strong joints are small sizes so that smokers don’t have to worry about carrying their goods around. If you don’t want to buy a pre-rolled cone, the company also has printing services for this field. Still, instead of something more complicated, like a pretty label or bag design, we’ve got what you want. We have what you need.

    Companies are always looking for people who can answer their questions about how to package pre-roll cigarettes in unique ways. Most people don’t get anything or pay a lot for its packaging. Our team can help with everything from the first question to the final delivery at a lower price.

    Eye-Catching Custom Pre Roll Boxes

    The cardboard material is an excellent choice for modern-day business designers because it has easy customization options for pop-top pre-roll tubes. The best among all other materials can be customized easily and quickly, such as eye-catching designs or striking colors.

    Make your own unique and innovative shapes of custom boxes for pre-roll joints with cardboard material. The countless options for customization include easy cutting, molding – and even adjustable sizing! Use these features to create captivating pre-roll packing box designs that will catch people’s attention when they see them on store shelves or inboxes (especially if you customize them).

    The custom pre-roll box is a new and fashionable way to showcase your product. These boxes come in many different designs, such as sleeve style or windowed ones; they’re all stunning! We recommend this display for items you want people inside and outside of the house to see – like cigarettes (or anything else) quickly.

    Customized Printing Solutions

    Their exceptionally printed cardboard cigarette pre-roll boxes give the final touch to this pre-roll bundling. The artwork on it helps promote the product in just about any way possible, from customized designs with marketing descriptions or brand logos, all of which are encouraging for our company’s goods.

    The printing design of the product is what first catches your eye, and if you like it enough to buy, then the chances are high that this will increase sales. We all want things in our lives that make us feel unique – why else would anyone purchase a same-sounding item from another person when they can get exactly what they need online with just one click?!

    We help our clients make their artwork themes according to the promotional campaigns they are running. Our professional and top-of-the-notch designers guide them so that these artworks stand out from other brands on shelves or online with similar products by using customized designs that appeal to customers’ eyes!


    We offer various printing options for logos and pictures to make your case more captivating. You can even print any image or portrayal on top with ease. Below are some techniques used for printing

    • Digital printing

    Exceptionally printed cardboard cigarette pre-roll boxes are a route toward clearly making pictures onto various media substrates. There’s no need for an old plate-based system. Can send or work area appropriating records directly to the digital print machine, which can print on paper, photo paper, canvas, and even synthetic cardstock. It’s not hard to figure out how this new technology for wholesale custom brownie boxes works because it doesn’t follow the same old rules.

    Offset printing

    Offset printing is a good alternative for large-scale and precise use. It uses plates, which are often created with aluminum foil as they move an image onto paper through offset presses that give an exact distribution of ink because you don’t have your fingers on top while moving them along a “spread.”


    Flexography is a modern printing technique used for small and large print runs. The process consists of placing multiple plates onto an object, and then pressing them against paper or other materials to make images composite through distribution in three dimensions and two-point perspective views from behind plane surfaces. This type also results in fine detail because each cylinder has its color ink, so there’s no need to mask off parts while applying them across your design.


    You can use these two kinds of printing ink to create customized pre-roll cigarette packaging or promote your company’s image. The CMYK color wheel has limited shades, but it is still reasonable compared to PMS, with unlimited colors at a higher price tag.

    The point that is distinct from the other is constrained hues. At the same time, another offers limitless possibilities because they’re powered by different pigments – mainly iron compounds in case you choose the first option versus titanium dioxide, for instance, when going down this path instead!

    Satisfying Custom Pre Roll Boxes

    Pre-rolls are devices used to help smokers complete their intake. They also provide mental stimulation, which can be beneficial for smokers who want to quit but find it difficult without something else, helping them stay occupied during those hard days when no one is around except themselves (and maybe an old friend). But this isn’t just any box; it is the best cannabis pre-roll packaging- these pre-rolled joints last much longer than others, so you don’t have as many opportunities to get hooked again!

    The importance of branding cannot be overstated. A product demands attention by being visually appealing, attracting customers who ignore boringly encased products in favor of custom boxes focused on creativity and all elements making up perfect packaging – especially if it’s going to sell your company goods.

    Wholesale Pre-Roll Packaging

    The different coating options for your Custom pre-roll tin packaging make them look more appealing and fun to eat and drink. You can choose between a matt finish, a gloss finish, and a spot UV coating that gives off an elegant gold color and foil stamping, which adds extra detail to your PRE-ROLL JOINT PAPER TUBES with unique ink patterns made just for this project.

    With more layers for your Custom pre-roll boxes.

    Positive Impact

    Our expert team is always ready to give you some creative designs. We offer an easy path towards success with our rapid custom boxes for pre-roll plays, proven as trustworthy partners who focus on quality and create magnificent hemp pre-roll packing.

    The superior-quality material and craftsmanship that goes into our Pre Roll box packaging are unmatched by any other company. We never sacrifice quality for cost; this ensures you get the high-end product in your store without breaking a sweat.

    Custom Pre Roll Boxes Branding

    When you buy a Custom hemp pre-roll package, the packaging will give people a sense of your brand and what’s inside. It has been made unique to ensure it will be safe when shipped and make sure it looks good on both sides. We know how important this can be for some customers. The pre-roll packaging that we make for our cannabis products tells people everything they need to know about our company, from where we deliver our services (everywhere) to what illnesses might happen if they eat one product over another. These unique containers let people see beneath their surface before putting them on.

    CUSTOM PRE-ROLL BAGS & POUCHES are crafted at an affordable rate to favor business people. Offerings can be increased without worrying about packaging design or extra costs because we don’t send orders with hidden fees, saving precious time for our clients!

    The innovative way these pre-roll box designs provide great value is convenient. It helps them save money while increasing profits by providing many options for choosing colors/designs etc.

    Attracting Clients

    Customized pre-roll packaging is a quick and easy way to set your brand apart from the competition. With our advanced tools, you can design custom boxes that will praise customers for their appearance – giving them no chance to doubt what they’re buying. We hold the place to be the only company in our league to provide complete control of your hemp pre-roll packing. From paper choice to color, we have various options for every taste and preference for your CUSTOM PRE-ROLL BAGS & POUCHES.

    This way, we can solve the problem retailers have when they have to figure out the right size for their boxes: We let our clients order any custom pre-made packaging in any shape or size they want!

    With our templates and customization options, you can make the perfect product for your Custom pre-roll box and marijuana packaging with the help of our team. If we can’t meet all of those requirements with one template or design option, that’s not a big deal! We also have experts on staff who can help us make each package unique based on what’s needed in each case, so don’t hesitate to ask if there’s anything else we can do to improve this process!

    Usage of customized pre-roll packaging 

    We offer a wide range of Custom Pre-Roll Box Packaging for your pre-roll products. Explore our series of boxes according to the theme that best suits you, protect them from damage during storage or transportation and promote an efficient marketing strategy! If efficiency is needed, we’ve got just the thing – using display boxes and pop-top pre-roll tubes will bring nothing but prominence to any brand advertised on these sleeves by yours.

    There are a lot of options available for the customers. No matter if you want the customized size or child-resistant pre-roll tubes.

    “Pre Boxes,” as they’re called, are clever little devices with everything you need to have a fun time opening child-resistant pre-roll tubes. So, customers know what they’re getting before they go through all that trouble – no more guessing games when they deal directly with distributors who don’t always have time to answer their questions because he’s also delivering products themselves at times. Also, you get a lot of great options for customizing pre-roll packaging. For example, if you want to use green color coding, you can easily incorporate it into a branding theme.

    Why Choose Us?

    Rapid Custom Boxes is a company that specializes in producing quality products for all of your needs of custom pre-roll and marijuana packaging. Our custom pre-roll boxes have been known to give customers an edge over their competition with how unique they look, which helps them generate more significant profit margins.

    Hurry! This deal won’t last forever. Get your order in now before the offer expires, or we will be charging extra for shipping fees after this period ends.”


    Paper Stock

    10pt – 24pt Eco-Friendly Kraft, Corrugated & Flute Stock


    CMYK, PMS, Without printing


    Semi Gloss AQ, Gloss UV, Matte UV, Spot Gloss & Matte UV


    Digital Proof, 3D Mock-up

    Custom Pre Roll - Rapid Custom Boxes


    Minimum 50 to Max 500,000


    Available in all Custom Sizes

    Default Process

    Die Cutting, Gluing, Scoring, perforating


    Window Cut Out, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Raised Ink

    Custom Packaging FAQs

    How do we manufacture our custom boxes, and what procedure do we follow to ensure the integrity and durability of our offers? Learn everything by asking directly our customer support representatives. For your convenience, we have provided all the answers to the frequently asked questions here.

    Yes, we manufacture these boxes with premium materials like Kraft, cardboard, etc. The sides remain intact even during pressure and do not out burden the inside rolls.

    You can have these boxes in various styles, like boxes with flaps, sleeve boxes, tuck-end boxes, etc. This wide variety helps businesses make their products different from others. 

    You can print these boxes with various methods like digital, offset, screen printing, etc. We mostly use offset printing methods as they are cost-effective and provide good results. Upon request, we also use other methods like digital and screen printing.

    Yes, you can have these boxes in small quantities, and the minimum order limit is 50. Small businesses can easily hire our packaging services with such MOQ.

    Our team of designers assists in having unique design themes for these boxes. We craft the final pieces by taking your suggestions and combining them with your target market preferences. That is why our packaging boxes help you have a higher sales volume than your competitors.


    Free shipping to over 200 Countries.


    100% Quality Assurance Guarantee.


    Packaging at affordable prices.


    Monday-Friday from 8AM-5PM EST.


    Free shipping to over 200 Countries.


    Packaging at affordable prices.


    100% Quality Assurance Guarantee.


    Monday-Friday From 8AM-5PM EST.

    Company Services

    At Rapid Custom Boxes, we redefine packaging solutions with innovation and precision. Our services encompass bespoke packaging designs, eco-friendly materials, and a commitment to elevating your brand's identity. Experience excellence in custom packaging that sets your products apart. Choose Rapid Custom Boxes for packaging that speaks volumes.

    Bigger discounts offer for large orders

    Bigger Discounts Offer for large orders Prices are negotiable based on your purchase volume and Fixated prices can be offered based on frequency of the order.

    Easy To Order

    Easy To order you can make your online order through our Live Chat Support on our website, direct call or e-mail our support team.

    E-Billing Services

    All customers are provided with E-statements of their purchase, for future order and their records.

    FREE Flat View and 3D Digital Proof

    Upon agreement of price quote, all clients are provided with Flat View in a template form & also 3D Mockup proof of their own exact boxes for approval.

    Risk Free, Quality Assurance

    We’ve State of the art production facility and all printed jobs are run through our strict quality assurance department, to prevent quality complains.

    Printed Method

    We use Off-set printing to achieve excellent printing results. However, Digital and screen printing is also available depending on box requirements.

    Need a Sample?

    No problem! We can make you a single custom box with your design and dimensions.

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    Satisfied Client Stories

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