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The truth is that we’re not just selling any old products here – these are high-quality items designed with your needs in mind, so please read carefully before making a purchase:

Price and Orders:

If you book an order with us, we will help to ensure that the amount of your goods is correct.

Our team is here to offer you the best service possible. If there are ever any changes in price or availability, we’ll let you know as soon as possible so that your order can be processed accordingly.

We work with you to find your perfect custom box. We accept payment via banking or PayPal, but only during the order, so don’t worry about it late.

Delivery Services:

Rapid Custom Boxes team works hard to ensure that your order reaches you on time. If you need a box quickly and accurately, just let us know the specifications of what it should contain! We will do all the shipping for you.

The input is about how they ship orders out every day but only includes information from Monday through Friday, which leaves customers wondering if any public holidays are busy or concealable weekends mixed into this schedule? Instead, the output tells me when my package would arrive based on their given criteria, so I don’t have any question marks left after reading.

The company is responsible for delivering your order and will do everything in their power to get it there on time. If something happens during shipping, like an accident or strike situation at the port where you live closest (or any other complications), then don’t worry! We’ll give accurate delivery date estimates, so that should be easy enough – communicate with us beforehand about which day works best since some days may have more traffic than others depending upon what season it might happen.

The company will not take responsibility for it. If due for any reason, the customer fails to accept products on delivery date. Then they have all rights to keep them and tell the client pays the total charges related to the storage of individual items.

If you do not pay entirely, the company can repossess these goods.

Back Order:

If you are ordering any of the products on our site, then we will backorder them for your convenience and give an estimate about when they’ll arrive.

We’re here to help you find the perfect product, no matter what condition it’s in at that time. If your order isn’t delivered on time or within estimate for some reason, don’t worry! You can always get a refund after Hot sale has finished processing payments if necessary.


The included charger is perfect for your convenience. We’ll help you estimate taxes accordingly so that there are no surprises at checkout.


The quality of our customized packaging services is second to none, and we ensure that you are delighted. Our team will ensure that your order reaches perfect condition, whether commercial or residential use! You can firmly believe there are no hidden costs – if something goes wrong during shipping (and sometimes things do), let us know right away, so we’ll refund 100% OF THE AMOUNT PAID*

We also offer a money-back guarantee on orders delivered within 30 days.

We will ensure that you receive a product exactly to your liking and with the highest quality materials. If there is any service we can provide for you, our customer service team members are always happy to hear from people! Your order includes free returns on all orders over $75 so no matter what happens in shipping or if an item isn’t quite right- just let us know at (customer_phone) email address: sales@rapidcustomboxes.com.

If you receive a product that is not what it should be, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will take complete responsibility for the defective or incorrect goods and get them collected as quickly as possible! In case of any issues with quality/condition etc., notify our team membership instead of opting out delivery at time point-of-sale, so no hassle happens later down the road when trying to return the item(s).

The company will not be responsible for defects or product issues if you do not notify them and then refuse delivery. It would help if you got your goods compensated how they were delivered to you, which means that there’s nothing more we could do at this point other than wish you luck with whatever it is that might happen next.

We want to make sure that your return is indeed harmless. We will inspect and assess the products you’ve returned, so please let us know if there’s anything wrong with them! You’ll be responsible for any defects or damage upon receiving goods- don’t forget this responsibility when sending things back.

The customer’s rights to return the product are subject to inspection and quality control. However, you will not be responsible for any fraudulent acts or misrepresentation if reported as defective during your interaction with us.

Why are you returning this product? Inform our team of the reason for your return and when it will happen. Our customer service team will help if there’s anything we can do in advance of that time.

We are RapidCustomBoxes, and we always do what’s right. If you appeal our decision, then rest assured that we will take care of it from your address as soon as possible.

No Liability:

The company is not responsible for any delivery delays. If you receive an item and it’s not what was ordered or expected, please get in touch with us immediately to help resolve the issue.


You accept the terms and conditions laid out in this contract by choosing to purchase from us. The information provided above is essential for understanding your rights as a customer. There can be no disputes or issues later on down the line when it comes time to collect packages at our warehouse door.

You can rest assured that all the pictures displayed on this website are exactly how your product looks. You will receive what you see in every packaging box and receive it with complete care.

Discounts And Offers:

We offer the best deals in town, but don’t worry- they’re always available. We’ll notify you when there’s a fantastic promotion going on so that your purchase will be even more worthwhile.

As a customer, you can always apply any offer or discount and even withdraw an order at your convenience.

Bespoke Packaging Services:

We work hard to help you by giving our bespoke packaging services. These are not free, but they will ensure that any glitches in the process don’t happen and that all your needs for a successful shipment are not let down.

You can rest assured that your products will always have the best material, and we won’t let you down. Our packaging consists of excellent quality, so it’ll last for years to come without compromising on durability or security- something which other companies often fail at doing.

The terms and conditions need to be understood when purchasing from our store. We will always communicate with you about your specific needs, ensuring that the packaging is appropriate for whatever it may entail- whether the delivery or otherwise.

Our service ensures satisfaction, so there’s no need to worry if anything goes wrong during purchase; just let us know immediately upon receiving goods as soon as possible to fix any issues right away without delay.

You can firmly believe that our team will cover your wholesale needs with each box designed precisely the way you specified. After understanding what’s required, our team of qualified professionals starts working on it immediately for a smooth completion without any hiccups along the way.

Hurry! Our team will handle your order with all care and attention. We guarantee that you’ll get the best packaging experience per your needs, requirements, or specifications during the purchase time frame, so don’t hesitate anymore because there are limited quantities available on this offer while supplies last.

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