Delivery Information

Rapid Custom Boxes is loyal to sustaining the privacy of our customers.

Standard Turnaround: (Free)

It can take 10 to 12 working days to ship the package upon receiving the final approval. (Ground shipping as per plan)

Rush Orders Include:

6 to 8 business days to send the package upon receiving the final approval. (Ground shipping as per plan)


When you work with Rapid Custom Boxes, we know that your excitement about the finished product is contagious. Our priority? To make sure our customers receive their customized boxes as fast as possible and be professionals all day long.

Our Turnaround Time

Our team is here to offer you the best quality products on time. Our regular turnaround time for an order is 10-12 days, and we always go above standard industry standards when it comes down to your delivery satisfaction rate.


We offer free global shipping irrespective of order size and destination. It means we pay the delivery charges on your behalf so you can focus more time selling! It has a tremendous impact on increasing margins for retailers because it cuts down their costs significantly while still providing an excellent ROI through lower prices than competitors who do not take this advantage away from them (or at least don’t makeup lost revenue).


We are committed to delivering the best possible service, and we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Our 97% success rate demonstrates how well-known our high-quality standard has become among consumers nationwide.

Refund And Replacement Policy

If a package gets damaged during shipping, we have clear rules about replacing or refunding your items.


We hope you have the best experience possible with our company. If there is any damage on its way to us for some reason or another, notify Rapid Custom Boxes within three days of delivery, and we’ll make it right! If we lose less than 10% of deliveries in this manner, then there will be no charge issued but rather replaced at no extra cost (though shipping charges may apply). However, if 97+ percent arrive safely like usual, thank goodness!–then take advantage of their free refund/replacement offer already.


When receiving a package, the customer should examine its contents before accepting them carefully. They should make sure that there are no damages or missing products and if any items get lost in transit by looking through all documentation on delivery accordingly.


We always appreciate our customers informing us about any mistakes made on their orders, and we will do everything to make it right. If you discover a mistake once you submit your purchase or delivery confirmation email, please contact customer care immediately! We’ll either fix the problem at no cost for items purchased online or provide a refund upon return of identical merchandise accompanied by its packing material.


The amount granted depends entirely on the shipping charges when ordering. We don’t want people just throwing away excellent stuff because of how it is received.