Privacy Policy

Rapid Custom Boxes is loyal to sustaining the privacy of our customers.

Privacy is important to us. We know that you'll be safe with Rapid Custom Boxes because we never share your information without asking for it first and using what's necessary to fulfill orders or answer any questions customers may have regarding our services.


Rapid Custom Boxes aims to provide you with a safe online environment. We understand the importance of your personal information, which is why we maintain strict policies regarding confidentiality and respecting user privacy on our website.


Customer privacy is important to us. We guarantee that any information collected on our website or about an order, including your email address and phone number, will not be accessible to third parties. For their purposes but instead used exclusively only as it pertains directly to customer service needs or requests, we also hope this policy helps make you more comfortable dealing with should the need arise again next time around.


The company assures customers that they will never sell or disclose any sensitive data without permission first.


When dealing with online transactions, it's essential to be sure who they are talking to - there could be a company owning the website.


Our company is committed to ensuring the privacy of everyone. If you are worried about your personal information then rest assured that our company does not save information about minors. That includes names and email addresses. All pages on our website are carefully designed so that those who cannot access them are under 13 years old. To preserve their safety and security when using this site and maintain an atmosphere focused on innovation, including providing educational material for users who have older siblings/guardians present at home.

Your Information Is Never Disclosed Without Permission

As one of our core values is security, we need to make sure that the data sent by you remains confidential and safe from misuse or disclosure outside of this website. For these reasons, it's important for users like yourself who have granted us access through an account on to be constantly aware when their details might become compromised in some way, not to be caught off guard if anything were to happen.


If a court issues an order requiring us to retain your data, we will maintain the information for as long as it is necessary.

Information Collection & Use:

The domain name of your visitor is recorded in our log files. It helps us know what pages they visited on the site and allows for future tracking if you return to one of these sites or visit another web page that uses targeted advertising services.


The information collected includes names and other pieces about visitors' lives, like where they live or work; this allows companies access to their buying patterns to help target potential customers more precisely than ever before.


Our log files will give us a detailed look into the people who visit your website. They can provide you with information on how many times they've been here, what browser name and version were used (to ensure compatibility), their location based on IP address, or other such criteria; we'll even tell if someone came from Facebook.


It isn't just about viewing numbers either- it also helps track down potential problems since browsers may act differently depending upon which one was installed first. is committed to protecting your privacy. We do not rent or sell the information you provide us via our website unless otherwise indicated when it becomes available due to permission requests sent through email submission forms


The company has also made efforts to safeguard its users' details by keeping them encrypted during transmission. So no one but those intended recipients can read them and prevent hackers from accessing sensitive data before sending emails if someone's account gets compromised! Please make sure there aren't any spelling errors within the message body because they will cause improper functioning.


We collect credit card data or account numbers when buying from our website. By providing this valuable asset to the company responsible for processing your requests and transactions in the order. It can be viewable by service providers like banking institutions, so customers will have access when making purchases online without worrying about their private details being compromised.


The company can use your private information to process transactions or bill you for products and services requested by our website users. You can easily change these details at any time, so long as they remain confidential.'s commitment to customer privacy means that we do not share our website users' and customers' details with any other parties for marketing or improvement of the site. Products/services offered on its promotions via email newsletter, etc., unless expressly stated otherwise by Google AdSense terms & conditions. After that, all such data is exclusively used by Google Ad sensation company, solely based in California, USA, within legal boundaries according to federal law, which allows them access but no portrayal whatsoever.

Information Collected By Our Team

We want to ensure you're aware of all the latest happenings on our website, so we'll be sending updates your way. If these emails become too much at any point in time for whatever reason and if there's an issue with how they are delivered (email client perhaps), just let us know - I'm sure someone will take care quickly.


We value customer feedback tremendously; feel free to contact

How Do We Ensure Security:

Information security is the top priority for us. Our team is here to protect your personal information from being misused. At the same time, it's being transmitted once you've submitted the appropriate credentials or registration paperwork with our company's records department staff. Members will access any public documents (including tax returns) stored securely behind closed doors.


The data on our website is protected by law - please note if there are links on exterior web pages that pertain exclusively to those external sources.


Our site uses SSL encryption to ensure the safety of your private information when you submit it through our website. It means that no one outside this office will be able to access what's being transmitted between pages on either side - only people inside can view these sensitive details.


You may not assume that information sent over the internet is 100% safe. For this reason, we cannot guarantee its security when you communicate with us securely via SSL encryption.


SSL (secure socket layer) protects against eavesdropping on network traffic and protects data while it's in transit from one server to another. There are no guarantees regarding who might gain access during any conversation between two parties as you and our service provider(s).

Business Transitions:

We understand that Rapid Custom Boxes might be experiencing some difficulties, and we want to assure you their customer service team will handle any issues as soon as possible. If your order is delayed due to a business transition such as being sold or bankrupted by another company, then let them know about it to fix the problem quickly.

Cookies Used On Our Site:

To ensure your experience goes smoothly, we use cookies on our site. The cookies we use are programmed and stored onto your computer for an extended period when browsing the Rapid Custom Boxes website--and they're completely safe.


The use of is only possible with the help and guidance provided by cookies. These are tiny files saved to your computer's hard drive when you visit our website or other websites that set them on users' machines without their knowledge to keep track of who has visited specific pages at any given time. You can choose whether these should remain enabled under "cookies" settings within each browser concerned. But even if not activated, they will never be able to block out web traffic from being recorded based on what sites have been accessed so far during one browsing session.


Rapid Custom Boxes is an independent website, and as such, we cannot control the policies of other sites that may be linked to our site. Or provide links to third-party informational pages within their domains - but you should always read these statements before signing up for any service. This privacy statement is for the website only.

How to contact

If you need assistance, you can contact us via email at or by calling (307) 204-5284. is constantly evolving. The Privacy Policy will be updated with new information as soon as it's released or posted to our site for users' convenience! We want you to stay informed about what happens behind the scenes at Rapid Custom Boxes, so check back often if things interest you, specifically how we handle data collected through the web form on any given page (e..g., User Agreements).