Measuring a Box

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The Right Way to Measure a Box

When making a box for your product, the first thing you should do is make sure that it’s the right size. You want enough room inside so there isn’t any fretting or crowding, but not too much either otherwise, how will we ever get anything done?

A good rule of thumb might be checking what kind of packing material would work well with each particular item before deciding on its final dimensions.

The dimensions of your box are essential to consider when shipping. The length, width, and height should be correct for the size you need it to, so make sure these three numbers match what is required.

The dimensions of a box are determined by its height, width, and length. From front to back, the depth can be anywhere between 2-5 inches, while for those who want their shipments more secure, there’s also an option available where boxes will have locks on them.

Custom boxes are made to your exact dimensions. We have templates for all types of products, so visit Templates, and we can get started on making it easy as possible.

The Right Way to Measure a Rectangular Piece

The three dimensions that you have to measure of this piece are length (depth), width, and height. Front to back from one side will measure how deep it is for this type or shape, while Top Bottom refers only across its top/bottom edge.

The first dimension tallies with what you might think – depth measuring down through all four corners but not including cases around edges, so that part counts as two. Take your time when drawing these out because mistakes can happen quickly.

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measuring three.jpg - Rapid Custom Boxes

The Right Way to Measure a Cylindrical Object

It is easy to measure cylindrical objects. Let’s use a tincture bottle for instance. To measure it  you would have to look at its diameter and height values in two dimensions (one side being length).


Need a Sample?

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