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The packaging of your product is one way for you to represent yourself as an entrepreneur. The design, shape, and color should be appropriate in order not only to appeal aesthetically but also to carry with it information about what’s inside. Hence, people know whether they need this particular item or not before even opening up the box.

It might seem like Box specifications don’t matter much when designing custom boxes since they will always come labeled anyway. However, by paying close attention here, some important details can make the difference between successful marketing.

To make the packaging look better, you can add creative ideas. The suitable cardstock against your box’s size will determine what kind of magical effects or designs might be on there for all those who pull out their treasures from within.

We provide all kinds of luxury boxes that are suitable for any occasion. We offer spot UV, matte smooth classical lamination with glossy finishes! If you want something more unique than what we have available, feel free to ask because our team will work hard until they find just the perfect solution to make your needs come first.

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Quality Cardstock

Choose the suitable cardstock for your custom box! The wrong material can make a sturdy container that will not hold its contents.

The most important thing to consider when choosing a paperboard for your custom lipstick boxes is the quality and how it will affect what you are making. Sturdy, thin cardboard may seem like an excellent option, but if not appropriately assembled with strong glue could cause cracks or even break apart in pieces while being shipped! Consultation from our team ensures we can provide just the suitable cardstock that meets all demands without compromising on style.

With our large selection of products and professional warehouses, we’re the perfect solution for any customer looking to buy or sell.

We work around the clock with a committed team in size and personality, so you can rest assured knowing we will deliver your purchase quickly no matter what time it needs to be sent out.

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Coatings And Laminations

We make your box stand out with our many options for customization. We offer Gold and Silver foiling and other limited Fleur-De-Lis designs that will have people looking at what’s inside more than just the outside.

Every time one of these beauties pop up on someone else’s desk, a personal touch is given. They’re bound to find something unique among all those generic packages or treaties from corporate office buildings around town; thankfully, though, you don’t need an expensive trip (or even any cash) to get started.

Gloss Lamination

By choosing Gloss Lamination you can give your box that luxurious, shiny look. It will make it stand out among all others in no time.

Keep your precious cards safe and sound! This box is durable cardstock to protect the contents from scratches or other damage.

SPOT UV Coating

You can choose to have UV coating on the logo, or on specified text, such as your website. The UV layer gives off an elegant shine that reflects light in different directions depending upon its position within any given graphic design project – this makes for some stunning results! SPOT uses high-grade pigments with exceptional quality control, so even if there are small chips or cracks in their product, they will still provide excellent quality output without fail every time.

Matte Lamination

We provide Matt lamination for those who want a sleek presentation. It helps avoid scratches and provides strength for the item you are packaging.

You can have your design laminated without paying anything!


Boxes With Our Add-ons

Want to know how adding an add-on can transform your box? We’ve got you covered. I’m sure most of us would love our boxes without any extra, but there are some incredible facts about putting them together. Do you want to hear them all now or one at a time over chat later today?

Have you ever wanted to add some bling and flair for your brand?

Have you ever wanted to add some bling and flair for your brand? Well, now is the time! The foilings are perfect. They’ve melted metal press-on kits that you can apply directly onto any custom area of their choosing (like a particular box). If it’s something small like ink sacs or maybe even just bullets, then these bad boys will take care all on their own while giving them full coverage in no time flat – talk about efficiency.Foiling makes logos stand out and is a popular choice for businesses to reflect their personality. Some common color combinations include gold or silver foil, though others may request different colors depending on what best suits the client’s needs. Artboard 10 - Rapid Custom Boxes

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Embossing is the process of raising the surface of an object above its surroundings, usually done by impressively stamping or etching templates into leather.It makes one incredible way to create customized areas on boxes raised from within them.It’sIt’s an excellent component for branding and logos. b - Rapid Custom Boxes

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Debossing is a process that makes the particular custom area pressed inside boxes.It is a strategic way to give your customers the best experience possible with their purchase.The font is so sleek and stylish that it would amplify the logo that you have chosen for your brand. You could even use this in your desired area if you wanted. a - Rapid Custom Boxes

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For a more unique and creative experience you can choose inside printing. This way you can bring color in your packaging.Need custom boxes? We can help! Rapid Custom Boxes offers full-color inside printing for creative projects at economical prices. If you want to begin with your next big idea then reach out to us, and let’s begin.a3b2678a frame 3 - Rapid Custom Boxes

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This fantastic new technology is perfect for those who sell scented products. Now, your clients can pick up the box and view the contents.The advantages of using a PVC sheet are that it can provide protection for your product or give clients an idea about what they will be purchasing. Clients won’t need any further information from you since all communication takes place through this one medium-sized material.The perfect shape and size to satisfy your customers!a3b2678a frame 3 - Rapid Custom Boxes

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Eco-friendly cardstock is a type of material which allows you to use it plenty of times. The box contains no plastic and can be recycled for future generations.Then again, you can use these boxes for more than just sewing. You could place your small items in here like pins or needles, so they don’t get lost when you are done with them.The latest facts show that many food companies now use eco-friendly paper stock for their packaging.a3b2678a frame 3 - Rapid Custom Boxes

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We at The Gardeny are proud to offer carefully designed landscapes crafted to suit our commercial clients’ preferences while prioritizing sustainability.

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