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Custom Eyelash Boxes

The custom eyelash boxes that we simply make are perfect for you. And some things need consideration when manufacturing such a popular product. Plus, the high-quality features of our sustainable eyelash packaging simply provide everlasting protection. To your delicate cosmetic products. Just while maintaining their visibility in stores or on the go. Get our sustainable eyelash packaging now.


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    Custom Eyelash Boxes: A Comprehensive Guide for Businesses

    Eyelash extensions have become an immensely popular cosmetic product, with false lashes providing length, volume and style. As such, custom eyelash boxes have emerged as an important packaging solution to not only protect the delicate lashes, but also creatively market them. This comprehensive guide will explore how custom printed eyelash boxes can boost your brand.

    Why Businesses Need Custom Eyelash Packaging

    For any product, the right packaging is crucial for branding, presentation and protection. This is especially true for fragile items like false eyelashes. Some key benefits of custom Eyelashes boxes:

    Attractive Display for Marketing

    Creative designs and printing help the lashes stand out on crowded shelves. Custom and sustainable eyelashes packaging enable brands to reflect their image and identity. Features like logos, graphics, images and colors showcase the product attractively.

    Safety and Security

    The boxes shield the delicate eyelashes from damage during storage and transit. The sturdy packaging prevents tampering and protects from moisture, dust and light exposure.

    Differentiation from Competitors

    Unique attractive eyelashes boxes help establish brand recognition. Consumers can easily identify the product packaging. This provides an edge over competitors.

    Customer Experience

    An unboxing experience enhances customer satisfaction. Beautiful packaging indicates premium quality and influences the consumer’s perception of the brand.

    Choosing the Right Custom Eyelash Boxes

    Several factors must be evaluated when selecting custom eyelash packaging suitable for your product and business.

    Dimensions and Capacity

    The box must snugly fit your lashes without empty space. Measure the product sizes to ensure a tight enclosure. Typically, the boxes have slots for convenient removal.

    Materials and Styles

    Cardboard, kraft or corrugated materials are commonly used. Rigid best eyelash boxes provide more protection. Choose between hinged boxes, sleeve boxes, folding cartons etc.

    Paper Weight and Thickness

    Heavier paper weight makes the boxes more durable. 12pt to 24pt cardboard thicknesses are ideal. Go with higher weights for shipping or e-commerce.

    Customization Options

    Full color printing, special coatings, foiling and embossing help enhance aesthetics. Die-cut windows offer a peek at the product inside.

    Finishing Treatments

    Matte or glossy lamination, UV/varnish coating, aqueous coating etc. improve appearance and durability. Soft touch finishing provides a luxurious velvety feel.

    Eco-Friendly Materials

    Opt for recyclable and biodegradable materials like plant-based inks and Responsible Forestry Initiative (RFI) certified paperboard.

    Custom Printing to Make Your Brand Stand Out

    Vibrant full color printing allows limitless possibilities to make the durable eyelash packaging reflecting your brand identity.

    Company Logos and Name

    Feature logos prominently on the box to reinforce brand recognition. Experiment with typography and layouts for the company name.

    Product Imagery

    Use eye-catching photographs of lush lashes, eyes and models to highlight the product appeal. Convey the benefits offered.

    Unique Graphics and Patterns

    Creative illustrations and funky designs make a lasting impression. Consider stylish motifs, artistic patterns and aesthetic elements.

    Informational Content

    Include product information, application tips, ingredient lists and other useful content. QR codes can link to your website or social media.

    Theme and Colors

    Colors evoke certain emotions and reactions. Choose hues that resonate with your target audience and brand message.

    Bagging the Perfect Custom Eyelash Packaging Partner

    To translate your vision into reality, partnering with the right packaging provider is key.

    Range of Box Styles

    Look for a company that offers diverse eyelash box styles including folding cartons, rigid boxes, sleeve boxes, display boxes etc.

    Customization Expertise

    Opt for a provider experienced in graphic design to create fully customized packaging suited for your product and brand.

    Printing Capabilities

    Modern printing technology like digital printing, offset printing, pad printing etc. enable attractive packaging.

    Prompt Turnaround

    Quick turnarounds allow you to fulfill orders faster, especially during peak seasons or promotions.

    Order Flexibility

    Choose a company with no minimum order quantities. They should also handle small, medium and large orders.

    Responsiveness and Reliability

    Great customer service and consistent on-time order delivery are signs of a reliable partner.

    Tips for Optimized Eyelash Box Designs

    Keep these tips in mind while designing custom eyelash packaging:

    • Showcase the product clearly with die-cut windows or sleeve style boxes.
    • Make opening and accessing the lashes convenient with magnetic closures or perforated tear strips.
    • Pick colors that appeal to your target female demographic like pinks, golds, blacks etc.
    • Use matte/gloss contrasts and textured finishing for an elegant appearance.
    • Incorporate trendy elements seen in couture fashion and makeup designs.
    • Add value with inserts like applicators, product information leaflets and decoration.
    • Provide sufficient protection with sturdy construction and interior cushions.
    • Include labels with product details and application instructions for user convenience.
    • Ensure any text/graphics are crisp and clear when printed through color proofs.
    • Strike a balance between information and ornate design elements.

    Why Choose Sustainable Eyelash Packaging?

    Eco-friendly packaging is a wise choice for businesses targeting the new generation of environmentally conscious consumers.

    Recyclable Materials

    Opt for recyclable plastic-free materials like cardboard and kraft paper to minimize landfill waste.

    Responsible Sourcing

    Use raw materials from vendors with certified sustainable forestry practices.


    Soy-based, water-based and UV inks are safer alternatives to solvent-based inks.


    Avoid unnecessary frills in design. Simple and functional highest quality eyelashes packaging boxes have a lower carbon footprint.

    Compact Packaging

    Right-sized boxes prevent wastage of space and materials. They’re easier to transport too.


    Include info on boxes about proper disposal for recycling to educate consumers.

    What Makes Eyelash Packaging Attractive?

    Allure buyers with creatively designed packaging featuring:

    Eye-Catching Graphics

    Use vibrant imagery, patterns, illustrations, textures and typography. Metallic hot stamping also draws attention.

    Trendy Themes

    Incorporate popular trends related to fashion, makeup, luxury etc. into the box graphics.

    Color Psychology

    Colors evoke emotions. Pink and gold imply femininity, black is chic and classy.

    Special Finishes

    Spot UV, matte/gloss contrasts, foils, embossed textures provide aesthetic appeal.


    Set yourself apart with innovative packaging style and shapes tailored for your brand.

    High-End Look

    Premium quality materials, radiant colors, decorate accents give an upscale appearance.


    Minimalist elegant designs also have artistic charm. Don’t overcrowd space.


    Die-cut windows and sleeve boxes provide a sneak peek of beautiful lashes inside.

    Photographic Graphics

    Eyes and lashes printed attractively on custom boxes tempt buyers.

    Ensuring Durability in Eyelash Packaging

    Despite their decorative appeal, the packaging must protect the delicate product.

    Durable Materials

    Sturdy yet lightweight cardboard, corrugated board and kraft paper prevent damage.

    Reinforced Construction

    Use of double wall boards, extra fluting and reinforcements enhance sturdiness.

    Weather Resistance

    Special coatings shield against moisture, UV rays and temperature fluctuations.

    Secure Locking

    Staples, magnetic strips, tuck locks and inner tabs keep Custom printed eyelash boxes closed.

    Right Fit

    Exact measurements ensure products fit snugly without shifting during transit.


    Foam, air pillows, bubble wraps, polyethylene padding protect from impact.

    Supportive Trays

    Custom trays made from molded pulp, plastic or cardboard securely hold lashes.


    Tamper-evident seals reassure customers the product hasn’t been opened.

    How to Get Affordable Custom Eyelash Boxes

    You can get cost-effective packaging without compromising on style, quality or functionality.

    Set Realistic Budget

    Do a cost analysis of different materials, printing methods, and embellishments to set a practical budget.

    Optimal Size

    Order Acrylic Eyelash Boxes in optimal dimensions so you don’t pay for excess materials.

    Bulk Orders

    Suppliers typically have quantity discounts for bulk orders above a minimum threshold.

    Standard Shapes

    Simple rectangular boxes and lid/base styles cost less than unusual die-cut shapes.

    Skip Unnecessary Frills

    Avoid add-ons like ribbon bows, laminations or inserts.


    Limited Printing

    Stick to front and back printing only rather than all-around printing to reduce costs.

    Generic Print Colors

    Using the primary CMYK colors costs less than ordering custom Pantone matched colors.

    Minimal Graphics

    Keep graphics and text simple without superfluous elements that add print expenses.


    Recycled and eco-friendly materials are generally more budget-friendly.

    Discreet Shipping

    Opt out of luxury finishing if boxes are just for shipping purposes.

    Supplier Discounts

    Ask your vendor for seasonal promotions, loyalty rewards, and bundle offers.

    Negotiate Prices

    Don’t hesitate to negotiate competitive pricing by shopping around between suppliers.

    Popular Types of Eyelash Boxes

    There are many styles to choose from when ordering custom eyelash packaging.

    Folding Cartons

    These are made from lightweight cardboard that folds into shape. They’re easy to assemble and economical.

    Corrugated Boxes

    For sturdier protection, corrugated cardboard has fluted layers between facing sheets.

    Rigid Boxes

    These have a sturdy construction with a separate lid and base. Made from thick material, they have a luxurious feel.

    Sleeve Boxes

    These slim boxes made from one piece of cardboard slide over the product. They provide full visibility of the lashes.

    Display Boxes

    These feature attractive see-through panels and unique shapes to prominently showcase products.

    Hinged Boxes

    Top and bottom sections are joined at the back with fabric hinges. The front magnetically seals shut.

    Two Piece Boxes

    Separate lid and base pieces assemble together. Inner tabs allow secure closure.


    Slide boxes, tuck end boxes, growler boxes and more. Get fully custom boxes tailored to your needs.

    Why Choose Custom Printed Eyelash Boxes?

    Let’s look at the key benefits of custom printing your eyelash packaging:

    Brand Identity

    Custom colors, logos, slogans and designs help reinforce your brand image.

    Stand Out

    Printing enables unique packaging that captures attention among competitors.

    Engage Customers

    Vibrant original graphics make a great unboxing experience to delight buyers.


    Fully customize graphics, text, photographs and other elements as needed.


    Digital printing methods allow high quality results on small batches affordably.

    Any Concept

    Bring any packaging vision or concept to life, no matter how intricate.


    Instructions, warnings, handling etc. can be printed on boxes to prevent misuse.


    Print limited edition designs or seasonal themes for special promotions.

    Why Acrylic Eyelash Boxes Work Well

    Let’s look at why transparent acrylic boxes effectively showcase lashes:


    The see-through acrylic material completely displays the lashes inside.

    Premium Appearance

    The sleek and glossy acrylic looks elegant and luxurious.

    Brand Exposure

    Maximum visibility keeps your brand logo and colors exposed.

    Enhances Appeal

    The lashes inside are prominently displayed to attract buyers.


    Acrylic stands out from typical paper or cardboard packaging.


    Acrylic has higher durability than wood or cardboard materials.


    Acrylic boxes can also be embellished with foiling, etching etc.

    Why Choose Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes?

    Here are key reasons that custom boxes are ideal for eyelash products:


    The snug fit and sturdy construction prevent damage during storage and transit.

    Attractive Presentation

    Custom graphics and printing help impress consumers and drive sales.

    Reflects Brand Identity

    Customization allows incorporating the brand essence into the packaging.


    Boxes keep lashes organized and provide easy access to consumers.


    Numerous materials, shapes, finishes and print options are possible.


    Bulk ordering high-quality eyelash boxes reduces costs.


    Eco-boxes appeal to environment-conscious buyers.

    Shelf Appeal

    Unique packaging helps products stand out from competitors.

    How to Design High-Quality Eyelash Boxes

    Follow these tips for fabulous custom eyelash packaging:

    Choose Durable Materials

    Opt for sturdy recyclable cardboard, kraft or acrylic materials to protect delicate lashes.

    Include Product Information

    Use labels or printing to provide application tips, ingredient lists and brand details.

    Reflect Brand Personality

    Let the colors, text, imagery and styling reflect the essence of your brand.

    Emphasize Visual Appeal

    Use eye-catching graphics, foil accents, bright colors and finishes.

    Pick Functional Shapes

    Select packaging shapes that provide convenience and highlight the product.

    Focus on Portability

    Opt for lightweight packaging with hand holes or perforations to easily tear open.

    Add Special Touches

    Surprise consumers with ribbons, decorative inserts or accessory compartments.

    Ensure Proper Fit

    Customize box dimensions to precisely fit the product to avoid damage.

    Use Mock-ups and Prototypes

    Create box prototypes and 3D mock-ups to resolve design flaws before finalizing.

    Keep Text Legible

    Use clear fonts and appropriate color contrasts for easy readability of text.

    Why Choose Eyelash Boxes Wholesale?

    Buying eyelash packaging in bulk wholesale volumes offers many incentives:

    Cost Savings

    Bulk buying allows suppliers to offer discounted wholesale pricing.

    Improves Cash Flow

    Carrying inventory saves reordering costs and effort for future orders.


    Have ample packaging ready so you can fulfill orders faster during peak sales.

    Complimentary Shipping

    Many vendors offer free shipping for large wholesale orders.

    Customization Flexibility

    Some modifications are possible even for bulk stock packaging.

    Product Protection

    Eyelash boxes wholesale prevent product damage during long-term storage and transit.


    Purchase different custom box styles in bulk to handle diverse products.


    Mass production uses less energy and waste compared to small runs.

    How to Get Top-Notch Quality Custom Eyelash Boxes

    Follow these tips for obtaining the highest quality custom packaging:

    Review Supplier Portfolios

    Check samples of a vendor’s past box printing projects to assess their capabilities.

    Request Material Samples

    Ask to see physical box samples in different materials like kraft, cardboard, acrylic etc.

    Evaluate Production Facilities

    Tour the supplier’s facility to ensure they use modern printing and manufacturing equipment.

    Seek Referrals

    Talk to other clients about their experiences with the packaging company.

    Check Certifications

    Look for vendors with certifications for quality standards compliance.

    Review Full Specifications

    Read the complete box specifications carefully before approving designs.

    Examine Box Prototypes

    Inspect prototypes against specifications to identify any defects before production.

    Confirm Ethical Sourcing

    Ensure environmentally responsible sourcing of raw materials.

    Check Customer Service

    Good suppliers will provide dedicated support throughout the ordering process.

    Request Warranties

    Opt for vendors who guarantee replacement of defective custom made eyelash boxes.

    How to Design the Best Quality Eyelash Boxes with Logo Printing

    Make the logo stand out beautifully on custom packaging with these tips:

    Strategic Placement

    Position the logo prominently on areas like box lids, tops or fronts.

    Optimal Size

    Pick a logo size that’s balanced against other text and design elements.

    High-Resolution Artwork

    Ensure crisp logo printing with large high-resolution image files.

    Complimentary Colors

    Choose base colors that make the logo and brand name colors pop.

    Special Finishing

    Use foil stamping, embossing, varnish or spot UV to make logos shine.

    Repeated Branding

    Incorporate branding on inserts, warning labels, cosmetic eyelash boxes packaging etc.

    Consistent Look

    Maintain the same logo across the packaging and marketing materials.

    Keep it Legible

    Avoid very thin fonts and instead pick easy to read bold logos.

    Visibility Testing

    View color proofs to confirm logo visibility before mass production.

    Meaningful Messages

    Combine logos with impactful slogans, quotes or taglines.

    Tips for Attractive Custom Eyelash Packaging

    Make your product packaging magnetically attractive with these tips:

    Vibrant Graphics

    Use rich high-resolution photographs, patterns, illustrations and iconography.

    Reflect Brand Story

    Let the packaging visually communicate your brand’s vision, personality and points of difference.


    Think outside the box with unique shapes, folds, finishes and opening mechanisms.

    Interesting Textures

    Embossing, 3D effects, matte/gloss contrasts provide tactile appeal.

    Metallic Elements

    Golden foil stamping instantly glamorizes packaging with a touch of shine.

    Surprise Inside

    Delight buyers with complimentary decorations, samples or coupons tucked within.

    Smart Fastenings

    Magnetic strips, ribbon ties, lift-off lids add interactive flair.

    Spot UV Areas

    The design pops with glossy UV coatings on selective areas.

    Subtle Sophistication

    Elegant minimalist styles have their own refined charm.

    Artistic Typography

    Expressive hand-drawn or script fonts personalize the packaging.

    Bold Contrasts

    Vivid CMYK colors, and crisp white space create dramatic contrast.

    Tips for Attractive Custom Eyelash Packaging

    Make your product packaging magnetically attractive with these tips:

    Vibrant Graphics

    Use rich high-resolution photographs, patterns, illustrations and iconography.

    Reflect Brand Story

    Let the packaging visually communicate your brand’s vision, personality and points of difference.


    Think outside the box with unique shapes, folds, finishes and opening mechanisms.

    Interesting Textures

    Embossing, 3D effects, matte/gloss contrasts provide tactile appeal.

    Metallic Elements

    Golden foil stamping instantly glamorizes packaging with a touch of shine.

    Surprise Inside

    Delight buyers with complimentary decorations, samples or coupons tucked within.

    Smart Fastenings

    Magnetic strips, ribbon ties, lift-off lids add interactive flair.

    Spot UV Areas

    The design pops with glossy UV coatings on selective areas.

    Subtle Sophistication

    Elegant minimalist styles have their own refined charm.

    Artistic Typography

    Expressive hand-drawn or script fonts personalize the packaging.

    Bold Contrasts

    Vivid CMYK colors, blacks and crisp white space create dramatic contrast.

    Why Customize Eyelash Boxes with Your Brand Logo?

    Adding your logo offers many benefits:

    Name Recognition

    Repeated exposure to the logo builds brand awareness and familiarity.

    Reinforces Reputation

    Visual quality cues like logos signal brand prestige and status.


    A unique logo makes your product instantly identifiable.

    Company Values

    Logos represent what the brand stands for.

    Customer Reach

    Logos on packaging broaden visibility among retail customers.

    Trust and Loyalty

    Logos inspire perceived trustworthiness and emotional connection.

    Versatile Uses

    Logos unify branding across packaging, ads, websites, promotions etc.

    Legal Protection

    Trademarked logos defend brand identity and prevent misuse.

    Enhances Presentation

    Logos augment the packaging aesthetics.

    Why Get Eyelash Boxes at Wholesale?

    Buying wholesale eyelash boxes offers many benefits:

    Cost Efficiency

    Bulk orders get discounted wholesale pricing, maximizing profits.

    Streamlined Workflow

    Large inventory ensures packaging readily available to meet demand.


    Get diverse box styles, sizes and materials in one wholesale order.

    Added Protection

    Ample packaging prevents product damage during long-term storage.

    Swift Fulfillment

    Inventory enables promptly packing orders during seasonal spikes in sales.

    Free Extras

    Vendors may offer complimentary shipping or design services on big orders.

    Custom Options

    Some customization like logo printing may be possible even on cost-effective Eyelash Boxes Wholesale.

    Tax Savings

    Wholesalers don’t charge sales tax in some states.


    Easy reordering instead of purchasing boxes each time they run out.

    How Can Custom Eyelash Boxes Create Customer Engagement?

    Unique packaging helps form an emotional bond between your brand and buyers:

    Surprise and Delight

    Innovative packaging adds an element of surprise to make the unboxing fun and memorable.

    Premium Perception

    Custom printed details imply high-quality luxurious products worth the premium price.

    Stop-and-Stare Appeal

    Creative aesthetic packaging commands attention on retail shelves.


    Magnets, ribbons, textures and openings provide sensory engagement.

    Sneak Peek

    Die-cuts and windows showcase alluring product peeks to entice buyers.

    Personality and Storytelling

    Illustrations, fonts and colors help convey brand stories in an approachable way.

    Special Offers

    Encourage repurchasing with coupon codes, discounts or free samples included inside.

    Environmental Responsibility

    Eco-friendly materials appeal to buyers with ethical and green values.

    Why Invest in Custom Printed Eyelash Packaging Boxes Wholesale?

    It’s a smart marketing move to order printed eyelash boxes in bulk:

    Cost Savings

    High volume wholesale orders have discounted pricing with added freebies.

    Easier Logistics

    Large inventory ensures hassle-free order fulfillment during periods of high demand.

    Quick Turnaround

    Fulfill urgent orders promptly without production delays.

    Brand Exposure

    Your logo, colors and design reach more customers through ample branding.

    Less Wastage

    Accurate bulk ordering reduces chances of unused excess packaging.

    Tax Incentives

    Some states don’t charge sales tax on wholesale orders.


    Get diverse packaging to handle a variety of products.


    Mass production has a lower carbon footprint than small batches.

    Premium Appeal

    A cohesive upscale look applied across all packaging increases perceived value.

    FAQs About Custom Eyelash Boxes

    What materials are best for durable eyelash boxes?

    Cardboard, kraft paper, and corrugated cardboard make sturdy and lightweight boxes to protect delicate lashes. For added rigidity, opt for thicker paperboard up to 28pt.

    What kind of printing should be used on eyelash packaging?

    Full color CMYK printing provides amazing photographic images, vibrant graphics and sharp logos to make the custom boxes eye-catching.

    How can I design affordable eyelash boxes on a budget?

    Keep the box dimensions optimal, opt for standard sizes and shapes, use CMYK instead of Pantone colors, limit embellishments, and order in bulk to get the cost per unit down.

    What are the standard sizes for eyelash boxes?

    Common eyelash box sizes range from as small as 2”x2”x1” up to around 6” to 8” for length and width. However, fully custom sizes tailored to your product dimensions are recommended.

    How many eyelash boxes should I order at wholesale?

    A good minimum quantity is 500-1000 boxes. For the best pricing, order 2500+ custom printed boxes at wholesale. Consider your estimated sales and inventory needs for the production run.

    How can I make sustainable eco-friendly eyelash packaging?

    Use recyclable and plastic-free materials like cardboard, ensure responsible paper sourcing, opt for soy-based inks, minimize packaging and include recycling instructions.

    How long does it take to manufacture custom eyelash boxes?

    Turnaround times vary by supplier. Simple boxes can ship within 4 days. More complex packaging with embellishments takes 6 to 12 days. Rush services deliver within 1-3 days.

    Can I customize every aspect of my eyelash packaging?

    Yes, with a reliable packaging partner, you can fully customize the box size, materials, printing, colors, finishing treatments and embellishments so the packaging perfectly meets your needs.

    Can I order a small quantity of custom eyelash boxes?

    Yes, check your supplier’s minimum order quantity. Many accept orders as low as 50-100 units for sample orders or limited editions. For the best pricing, higher volumes are ideal.

    How do I choose eco-friendly materials for eyelash packaging?

    Opt for recyclable and biodegradable materials like plant-based inks, PCR cardboard, kraft paper, bamboo, and other responsibly sourced renewable materials. Avoid plastics.

    Final Takeaways

    • Investing in creative custom eyelash packaging effectively promotes and protects your brand’s lashes.
    • High-quality printing and finishes ensure your packaging looks luscious.
    • Seek a vendor that specializes in innovative box styles, printing and embellishments.
    • Order samples first to view box prototypes and confirm they meet specifications.
    • Make sure to order the optimal quantity for your business at the best pricing.
    • Sustainable materials like plant-based inks appeal to eco-conscious consumers.
    • Sleeves, windows, ribbons and textures add style while keeping products secure.
    • Spend time perfecting your logo placement, typography, graphics and color schemes.

    Elevating Elegance with Custom Eyelash Boxes

    However, we are experts working with you. To design the perfect box for your product. And we offer a free sample service.

    Experience the perfect Eyelash Packaging Solutions:

    So far, our eyelash packaging solutions and attractive eyelash boxes. Simply, include Custom Printed Eyelash Boxes, Magnetic Flap Boxes, and Label Display Cards. In addition to this, the attractive eyelash boxes that we simply make are great for Retail, Cosmetic Brands, Hotels, Spas, and Salons.

    Along with this, the Custom Printed Eyelash Boxes are perfect for your high-end lashes. So far, The best Eyelash Boxes are simply made best Eyelash Boxes from sturdy cardboard. And simply include a UV coating to protect the painting from fading. Plus, we also offer a magnetic flap box and very durable eyelash packaging. So far, that is perfect for your luxury lashes.

    Along with this, the flap box and durable eyelash packaging simply include a soft velour lining to protect your lashes, and the flap includes a magnet that will keep it closed.

    Label Display Cards are another option for you if you’re looking to display an entire collection of lashes in one box. The cards include a clear pocket on the front perfect for pictures, product information, names, or branding.

    Fashion-oriented Custom Eyelash Boxes:

    The fashion-conscious woman knows the importance of simply keeping her lashes safe and secure. However, our trendy Custom eyelash boxes are simply designed uniquely. Just for you so that there’s a perfect fit no matter what kind of style she wants. 

    However, just a few things to consider when creating this popular Affordable Custom Eyelash Boxes product. However, the overall material choice (sturdy cardboard will work well), and shape/size considerations simply depend on how much room we’ll need. Just to hold all those gorgeous little bundles. Right without worrying about Affordable Custom Eyelash Boxes getting crushed during shipping. Plus, any other special requests such as labeling containers “this way up” if someone has naturally curly hair.

    Discover the Exquisite Elements of Eyelash Box Excellence:

    Our custom packaging boxes and Affordable Custom Eyelash Boxes. Simply provide everlasting protection for your delicate cosmetic product. Plus, we just never compromise on the quality of our products. And simply keep them in a storage solution that you will love. So far, which also maintains their beauty.

    In addition to this, our colorful designs are what make us stand out from other brands. So far, just think about how much fun it would be. Just if every time someone opened up Eyelashes boxes they saw something new?

    Vast Spectrum of Hues for Reasonable Color Choice:

    So far, we can simply offer a wide range of colors for Eyelash boxes. Simply, include white, black, pink, red, orange, etc. so, if you have any special requirements. Simply please let us know so we can customize your products accordingly.

    However, our exclusive packaging experts work with you. To design the perfect eyelash packaging boxes for your product we simply offer a free sample service.

    In addition to this, it is a very technical task since different hues can simply create an elegant look. Or a dirty one depending on your preference. Moreover, if you’re just looking for something in between. Then it might be difficult to find the best color match. Just without consulting professionals who specialize in makeup designs. 

    Clear and Effective Communication at RCB:

    So far, effective and smooth communication with customers. However, this is crucial to maintaining a positive relationship. Plus, the custom boxes wholesale must be able to speak about the product. So, that they’re packing it in, and buyers need clear descriptions or images. So you can simply tell them what’s inside!

    Elegant and cool opening Style:

    So far, the styles for eyelash packaging boxes. Simply, that is made to open and close the packaging should be unique from each other. For them to stand out. So far, this will attract customers who want one specific product. So, not just another copycat bag or container with an identical design on it. However, due to its common usage among many brands all over social media these days.

    In addition to this, the labels need to be carefully and beautifully designed. Moreover, they play an important role in making products stand out. Which is why they’re so crucial for custom boxes! Whether simple or complicatedly made-up.

    In addition to this, the professional design of your label will ensure that. All eyes are on them when you put them up against other competitors’ packages.

    Unveiling the Art of Eyelash Box Shaping:

    So, to shape eyelash boxes and the highest quality eyelash packaging boxes. So, you need a variety of shapes and sizes. However, you should create your designs for the highest quality eyelash packaging boxes.

    In such a way that it is clear from the outside what’s inside. Just without being too revealing or intricate about its contents. So, some people may find this benefit obvious regardless. However, the printing on custom-printed products and Custom printed eyelash boxes. Just like these can be sharp-looking with natural colors. So, this will make them look more appealing than others. Whose prints seem forced at best.

    However accurate technique selection matters most. Right when producing top-quality results and cool Custom printed eyelash boxes. So I would recommend doing some research first before diving into any projects.

    Women spend a lot of time and energy on their appearance. So it is only natural that they would want to make sure everything about them looks good. Plus, one part women often focus on in this equation is the eyes. Simply, make sure your beautiful eyelashes can help you achieve the desired effect.

    So far, just think of the most impressive and attention-grabbing way. To market your product. However, a good idea might be to use some creative marketing strategies. Such as brilliant printing, captivating designs, or alluring coatings. So, which will make customers want more.

    Moreover, the Custom eyelash boxes and packaging are effective tools. Right for increasing the business value of a product.

    Custom Eyelash Boxes Ignite Soaring Product Demand:

    So far, along with a custom-designed eyelash box and Acrylic Eyelash Boxes, you can showcase the beauty of your product and increase its desirability. Cosmetic companies often make use of high-quality ingredients for their products but find them boring because there’s no way to show off what makes it so great: packaging design!

    Cosmetic brands need to have a unique and very creative design on their packaging. So, if the good quality product’s box doesn’t make an impression. Then, customers will most likely stay away. As they are not attracted by its boring appearance. This could be enough of a reason why many people go through this.

    However, the input sentence says “Contrary” but I wanted more of an opinion for Acrylic Eyelash Boxes so here you go!

    Right when you put on your makeup. So, the last thing that should be happening is for any of it to rub off. Moreover, Lashes are an important part of making sure this doesn’t happen. So, they need some extra love. However, the best way I’ve found success is by protecting my lashes. This has been using waterproof mascara. So, it’ll keep everything under lock and key. Whether it’s during workouts or just everyday life.

    So far, the main idea about Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes is not only the security for your precious wig or extension. But also how much more easily accessible everything will become when stored within one small compartment. Rather than scattered all across furniture in various drawers around our house (or at least until we decide where each ref needs to go).

    In addition to this, we can simply print any logo or slogan you want on the high-quality eyelash boxes

    Along with this, positively provides many different types of high-quality eyelash boxes with an interior like resin-based samples.

    Explore the Magic of Dramatic Eyelash Packaging Design:

    so far, the Eyelash boxes and eyelash boxes wholesale are often very dramatic and striking. However, these lashes also protect your eyes. Right from any potential harm that may come their way. Which means they have to be appealing as well. Right, from different shapes or designs of eyelash boxes wholesale.

    So far, right for individual preferences in all kinds of colors imaginable. Moreover, there is an eyelash box out right now just waiting on you.

    Box styles

    There’s a variety of eye lash boxes available to suit any customer. Some come with two pieces, others with just one piece or in different styles. simply like tuck-end and straight truck ends!

    Moreover, the different companies have a variety of eyelash packaging styles. So, that can be ordered from. Plus, eyelash designers can design the most unique package. Best for every brand. Simply, depending on what style is desired by them or their customers’ demands at any given time.

    Protection of eyelashes

    Handle your eyelashes with care by using an eyelash box. And Custom made eyelash boxes

    However, with these, you can store and organize all of those perfectly gorgeous lashes.

    Build a very solid connection with the customer

    A beautifully designed Custom eyeliner Packaging and Best Quality Eyelash Boxes with Logo Printing. This can create a sensational connection with the customer. Plus, all the women who get attached to things. That makes them look beautiful, glamorous, and confident. So far, the lashes are one of those things.

    So far, instead of getting a flimsy and basic box that doesn’t catch the eye. So, your customers want to use an attractive container and Best Quality Eyelash Boxes with Logo Printing. However, with their favorite eyelashes.

    Get the most iconic Custom Eyelash Boxes: 

    We’re not just any company that you come across. Right when searching for a cosmetic box supplier. Our commitment to quality and customer service for cosmetic eyelash box packaging. So far,sets us apart from all other businesses in this industry. Plus, ensure your satisfaction with every purchase!

    So, just get the Eyelash Boxes at Wholesale rates. However, just check out the custom eyelash boxes we offer. So, you can find a galaxy of different designs for cosmetic eyelash box packaging to fit any personality. Plus, there are no delivery charges, and all orders ship fast. So, just like our name says deliveries are Always On Time.

    Uplift your brand with our Exclusive Packaging boxes:

    So far, we’re always striving to offer the best experience for cosmetic boxes possible for our customers. Our top-selling products, eyelash boxes, and cosmetic boxes come in various sizes and colors. Along with perfect packaging techniques that make them easy to find at any time.

    To keep up with the latest trends, Rapid Custom Boxes designs and manufactures. Plus, all of its cosmetic packaging is in-house. So, the company’s state of -the art about unique eyelash packaging boxes wholesale facilities. Simply, ensure that your products will be shipped quickly while still meeting industry standards for quality control!

    Moreover, along with our customized packaging solutions and unique eyelash packaging boxes wholesale.

    Get your dream Custom Eyelash Boxes:

    So far, the unique and diverse range of stocks is available for custom-printed eyelash boxes. And custom printed eyelash packaging boxes wholesale are unmatched anywhere else. So, you can get Cardboard Lash Boxes, Hard Lashes, Acrylic Eyelash Boxes, and custom-printed eyelash packaging boxes wholesale on our platform.

    So far, if you’re looking for an innovative way to package and sell your eyelashes. So, we can help! We offer custom-made box designs. Plus, in a variety of colors. However, just reach out today with any questions about Custom Printing and Designing Eyelash Boxes. Plus, our team is always here 24/7 by phone or email. So, just don’t hesitate at all when it comes time to make something happen right away.

    Moreover, our state-of-the-art eyelash box conserves your natural lashes, shape, and texture. Our professional Custom Sizes and Styles of Eyelash Boxes will make you look great. So, our Custom Printing and Designing Eyelash Boxes are made for every type of lash. So that we can get them all on board with this revolutionary new idea in beauty care.

    Get the unmatchable Printing and finishing options:

    We exclusively offer the latest style with our large-sleeved eyeliner boxes and Custom Sizes and Styles of Eyelash Boxes of your choice. So, just take advantage of all the different finishing touches options such as gloss, matte finish, embossing prints, and much more. At reasonable prices. So, make sure to just use custom printing or logos. To make them identifiable.

    Plus, we will help you build on their core values. So they know why these products are worth it for themselves first. Right before telling other people about how great everything is going to be.

    In addition to this, along with our sustainable and stylish eyelash boxes and Personalized Eyelash Packaging Boxes. So, not only are you keeping your lashes safe but they will be more attractive to watch. Plus, we offer a variety of sizes for Cost-effective Eyelash Boxes Wholesale that can fit any individual’s lash line perfectly. However, just contact us today for customized Cost-effective Eyelash Boxes Wholesale.

    So, no matter what size or shape the makeup products need an extra something special at affordable prices. Just because we know how important it is when looking. Into investing in new beauty supplies and getting top-notch quality custom-printed eyelash boxes.

    Moreover, we produce custom eyelash packaging and custom packages. Plus, specifically, those who wear delicate eyeliner lengths in mind.

    Experience the best:

    So far, there are many cosmetic companies out there that sell top-notch quality custom-printed eyelash boxes eyelashes in stylish and beautiful boxes. Plus, they like to give their customers a chance to peek into the Personalized Eyelash Packaging Boxes. So, through special windows on either side. However, this gives them an even deeper insight into what’s inside

    Plus, due to these reasons, Rapid Custom Boxes loves to offer customizable options and custom eyelash packaging. So every person can get just the right packaging tailored exactly.

    With us simply customize your eyelash boxes with your brand’s logo. Plus, get the Eyelash Boxes at a Wholesale rate.


    Paper Stock

    10pt – 24pt Eco-Friendly Kraft, Corrugated & Flute Stock


    CMYK, PMS, Without printing


    Semi Gloss AQ, Gloss UV, Matte UV, Spot Gloss & Matte UV


    Digital Proof, 3D Mock-up

    Custom Eyelash Boxes 3 - Rapid Custom Boxes


    Minimum 50 to Max 500,000


    Available in all Custom Sizes

    Default Process

    Die Cutting, Gluing, Scoring, perforating


    Window Cut Out, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Raised Ink

    Custom Packaging FAQs

    How do we manufacture our custom boxes, and what procedure do we follow to ensure the integrity and durability of our offers? Learn everything by asking directly our customer support representatives. For your convenience, we have provided all the answers to the frequently asked questions here.

    Yes, inserts are a must part of these boxes. Eyelashes are delicate, and their shapes can be damaged if not packed properly. That is why we add inserts that hold the lashes in their place during transit.

    We use an advanced printing method named offset printing that provides you with flawless designs for your custom order. You will get consistent results, so this method is also perfect for putting your branding essentials. 

    If you want to have these boxes within a few days, then go for the digital printing method that provides quick yet high results. 

    The minimum order limit for these boxes is 50. This limit means any business working on a small or large scale can avail of our packaging service without any issue. 

    Directly provide us with your specifications through our website by filling in all the information boxes. Or, contact directly with the customer support representative to provide your requirements and personal data. After the initial payment, your order will be placed.


    Free shipping to over 200 Countries.


    100% Quality Assurance Guarantee.


    Packaging at affordable prices.


    Monday-Friday from 8AM-5PM EST.


    Free shipping to over 200 Countries.


    Packaging at affordable prices.


    100% Quality Assurance Guarantee.


    Monday-Friday From 8AM-5PM EST.

    Company Services

    At Rapid Custom Boxes, we redefine packaging solutions with innovation and precision. Our services encompass bespoke packaging designs, eco-friendly materials, and a commitment to elevating your brand's identity. Experience excellence in custom packaging that sets your products apart. Choose Rapid Custom Boxes for packaging that speaks volumes.

    Bigger discounts offer for large orders

    Bigger Discounts Offer for large orders Prices are negotiable based on your purchase volume and Fixated prices can be offered based on frequency of the order.

    Easy To Order

    Easy To order you can make your online order through our Live Chat Support on our website, direct call or e-mail our support team.

    E-Billing Services

    All customers are provided with E-statements of their purchase, for future order and their records.

    FREE Flat View and 3D Digital Proof

    Upon agreement of price quote, all clients are provided with Flat View in a template form & also 3D Mockup proof of their own exact boxes for approval.

    Risk Free, Quality Assurance

    We’ve State of the art production facility and all printed jobs are run through our strict quality assurance department, to prevent quality complains.

    Printed Method

    We use Off-set printing to achieve excellent printing results. However, Digital and screen printing is also available depending on box requirements.

    Need a Sample?

    No problem! We can make you a single custom box with your design and dimensions.

    Upcoming Offers

    Are you looking for special discount offers to get premium packaging solutions at amazing rates? Here are this week's promotional offers that you must not ignore. 


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