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Custom Hairspray Boxes

Custom Hairspray Boxes

Hairspray is one of the essential products for people who want to style their hair today. If you want your hair to have more shine and volume when you spray it, there are many different types! It means that a good-looking custom hairspray box can make your brand stand out from the rest on the shelf while also giving off a classy vibe that will be appreciated by any customer who sees it. It means that you’re not only getting attention but making an impression, too. When you want to make a statement with your hairspray packaging, turn towards Rapid Custom Boxes. With their expertise in various sizes and shapes available for all of our client’s needs – we are sure that there will be something perfect just waiting at this printing press.

Whether you’re launching a new brand or wish to allow your existing one some variety, stylish custom hair spray boxes are the way forward. With many different sizes and shapes available for both small businesses and large corporations alike, there is something in this area that will suit anyone’s needs! The most important feature of any good hairspray box should be its content; inside might include various types (and colors)of the product along with details about how much it weighs, etcetera – but what catches customer attention? Maybe if they see glittery gold lettering on a black background while browsing through beauty products online at their leisure.


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    Custom Hairspray Boxes – A Complete Guide for Haircare Brands

    Hairspray is an essential hair styling product used by millions of people across the globe. As a haircare brand, choosing creative custom packaging solutions for your hairspray range can boost brand image and sales. This detailed guide will provide everything you need to know about ordering and designing tailored hairspray boxes.

    Why Custom Printed Boxes are Important for Hairsprays?

    Hairspray boxes aren’t just containers to hold the product, they serve as a vital branding and marketing asset. Here are some key reasons why custom printed packaging is ideal for hairsprays:

    Enhances Brand Recognition

    Custom boxes allow brands to reflect their unique personality and identity. Printing company logo, brand name, colors and messaging helps build recognition. Distinctive boxes make your brand standout.

    Attracts Customer Attention

    Vibrant graphic designs, textures, patterns and visuals on hairspray boxes grab instant attention on packed shelves. It gets customers to pick your product.

    Displays Product Information

    Boxes can highlight ingredients, benefits, usage directions and other details about the hairspray that inform customers.

    Provides Protection

    Sturdy material and durable construction prevents damage and leakage during storage and transit. The box keeps the hairspray bottle and nozzle secure.

    Offers Convenience

    Features like handles and lightweight design make customized Hair Spray Boxes easy to carry and transport.

    Promotes Eco-friendly Image

    Sustainable materials like recycled paper stocks and soy-based inks reflect your commitment towards environment protection.

    Types of Custom Hairspray Boxes

    Hairspray packaging can be designed in numerous styles, forms and configurations. Here are the common types of custom printed hairspray boxes:

    Folding Cartons

    These are the typical rectangular custom hairspray boxes and packaging made from cardboard/paperboard. They are cost-effective and provide good protection. Ideal for retail distribution.

    Mailer Boxes

    Rectangular boxes with auto bottom used to ship single/multiple hairspray bottles directly to customers. Available with handle cut-outs.

    Display Boxes

    Feature a separate outer sleeve that slides over a base tray holding the product. Allows easy product visibility.

    Gable Boxes

    Have a distinctive angular roof-like shape. Made from foldable paperboard. Available in different sizes.

    Custom Shapes

    Uniquely shaped flashy hairspray boxes like cylinders, hexagons etc can be created to add distinction. Allow creativity.

    Limited Edition

    Special seasonal boxes or collaborations with style influencers/celebrities. Limited product runs.

    Material for Custom Hairspray Boxes

    Hairspray boxes must be made using sturdy materials that protect the glass bottles and provide durability for storage and transportation:


    Most common choice. Cardboard is cost-effective, customizable and offers good strength. Recyclable.


    Kraft paper is eco-friendly and gives a natural rugged appeal. Reinforced with coatings for added strength.


    Fluted cardboard sheets between liners provide superior protection. Often used for shipping alluring hairspray box.


    A thick, extremely durable paper-based material. Provides excellent printability and finishing.


    Aluminum, tin or other metal sheets can be used to manufacture hairspray boxes. Reusable and luxurious.

    Designing and Customizing Hairspray Boxes

    A custom printed box allows you to unleash your creativity and design hairspray packaging that resonates with your brand style:

    Graphics & Artwork

    Incorporate high-resolution images, illustrations, patterns, fonts and other graphical elements.

    Theme & Colors

    Match box colors and aesthetics to your brand theme. Vibrant, minimalist, retro etc.


    Print professional product images or lifestyle photos to showcase the hairspray and usage.

    Shape & Structure

    Pick standard folding cartons or get tailored shapes like cylindrical glamorous hairspray boxes. Add die-cut windows.

    Coatings & Lamination

    Gloss, matte, soft-touch, aqueous and UV coatings can be applied to get desired finish.

    Special Effects

    Embossing, debossing and foil stamping add premium touch. Kraft boxes with leather embossing look classy.

    Benefits of Ordering from a Custom Packaging Company

    Partnering with a professional custom box provider offers many advantages compared to standard ready-made packaging:

    Full Customization – Get die cut hairspray boxes tailored to your brand’s unique needs and product specifications.

    Print Quality – Advanced printing technologies like offset and digital ensure vibrant, high-resolution graphics.

    Material Expertise – Suppliers have experience with different box materials to provide recommendations.

    Design Support – Get free branding and packaging design assistance from their in-house graphics team.

    Custom Sourcing – No need to manage multiple vendors. Custom box suppliers handle end-to-end packaging needs.

    Low Minimums – Orders can be fulfilled starting very low quantities like 100-500 units.

    Swift Delivery – Experienced suppliers have quick turnaround time and can rush urgent orders.

    Cost Savings – Their buying power, relationships and experience results in affordable pricing.

    Printing Options for Hairspray Boxes

    Vibrant designs and graphics are instrumental in creating attractive hairspray packaging. Here are the printing methods you can choose from:

    Digital Printing

    • Ideal for shorter print runs like 100-3000 boxes due to lower setup costs.
    • Works well for frequent packaging design changes.
    • Offers outstanding color quality and sharp images.
    • Complements the premium look of organic and boutique hairspray brands.

    Offset Printing

    • Best option for large production volumes of above 3000+ units.
    • Provides amazing print quality and color consistency across the entire print run.
    • Cost-effective for big production batches like hairspray wholesale orders.
    • Allows high level of detail and design sophistication like gradients.


    • Uses a versatile rubber printing plate which works on multiple materials like foils, films etc.
    • Fast printing process with very low plate costs.
    • Ideal for printing metallic hairspray tubes and plastic components.
    • Suitable for food-grade compliant inks.

    Finishing Options for Hairspray Boxes

    Finishing techniques enhance visual appeal and tactile feel of hairspray packaging:


    Glossy or matte coatings provide sheen, protection and enhanced graphics.

    Spot UV

    Glossy accents applied to specific box areas like logos make them pop.


    Creates raised/indented impressions for luxurious textural effect.

    Foil Stamping

    Metallic gold/silver foiling offers an elegant premium look.

    Die-Cut Windows

    Provide visibility of actual product inside through cut-out openings.

    Ribbons & Bows

    Satin ribbons and fabric bows give hairspray boxes a giftable appeal.

    Eco-Friendly Hairspray Box Materials

    Sustainable packaging is vital for reducing environmental impact. Here are some eco-friendly options:

    • Recycled Cardboard – Made using recycled paper waste. Biodegradable and renewable.
    • Biodegradable Plastic – PLA plastic derived from plant starch breaks down quicker.
    • Plant-Based Inks – Soy, vegetable and water-based inks are more eco-friendly than petroleum-based.
    • Kraft Paper – Unbleached natural fiber paper that is compostable and recyclable.
    • Bamboo – Rapidly renewable grass alternative to slow-growing trees for fiber. Reusable and organic appearance.
    • PCR Plastic – Plastic sourced from post-consumer recycled waste like water bottles.
    • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified – Ensures wood/paper is sourced responsibly from well managed forests.

    Wholesale Custom Boxes for Hairsprays

    Beauty brands needing bulk quantities of custom display hairspray boxes for mass production can benefit from wholesale custom packaging:

    Volume Discounts – Packaging suppliers offer tiered pricing with significant cost savings for large wholesale orders.

    Bulk Shipping – Coordinated delivery of thousands of custom made hairspray boxes in a single shipment reduces transport costs.

    Fewer Changeovers – Long uninterrupted print runs translate to quicker delivery turnarounds.

    Special Finishes – Unique treatments like soft-touch aqueous coating done across entire order.

    Brand Consistency – Uniform printing quality for all boxes ensures consistent brand image.

    Dedicated Account Rep – Large accounts get a direct point of contact for support.

    Optimizing Hairspray Boxes for E-Commerce

    E-commerce has grown exponentially as more consumers now prefer purchasing hair care products including hairsprays online. Brands need to optimize their window hairspray boxes for e-commerce channels:

    Protective Mailer Boxes

    Hairspray bottles need sturdy cardboard mailers with adequate cushioning to prevent any damage during shipping:

    • Corrugated inserts prevent fragility
    • Bubble lined pouches add protection
    • Tamper-evident sealed packaging

    Easy Opening Tabs

    Incorporate tape seals and pull tabs on the flaps so customers can easily open the boxes. Reduce wrapping material.

    Minimalist Designs

    Clean, fuss-free styles with subtle branding elements work for the online space. Avoid loud graphics.

    Optimized Dimensions

    Standard box dimensions make them easy to pack and stack during fulfillment and reduce shipping costs.

    Digital Printing

    Ideal for smaller batches needed for e-commerce. Fast turnaround allows swift replenishments.

    Return Address

    Pre-printed tuck end hairspray boxes come with the brand’s return address. This avoids writing it manually during each shipment.

    Superior Unboxing

    Slide-off sleeves, magnetic closures and lifted covers offer delightful unboxing and usage experience.

    Creative Shapes

    Distinctive geometric and organic shapes make unboxing memorable while minimizing waste.


    Variable data printing enables adding custom recipient names and messages on each mailer box.

    Sustainable Materials

    Recyclable and plastic-free materials portray an eco-friendly brand image to online consumers.

    Benefits of E-Commerce Specific Hairspray Packaging

    Hairspray boxes designed keeping e-commerce needs in mind provide the following advantages:


    Robust durable construction and interior protection minimizes damage risks during transit.

    Cost Savings

    Right-sized compact personalized hairspray boxes lower dimensional shipping weight and parcel volumes.


    Integrated opening mechanisms allow quick unboxing without needing scissors or knives.

    Customer Experience

    Premium packaging influences brand perception and gives customers a joyful moment.


    Optimized packaging reduces waste generation in the supply chain and landfills.


    Personalized e-commerce boxes make customers feel uniquely valued.


    Digital printing supports easy design changes and swift turnarounds for new orders.

    Tips for Hairspray E-Commerce Packaging

    Here are useful tips for brands to enhance their hairspray packaging for online retail:

    • Conduct virtual drop tests to ensure durable packaging
    • Make unboxing easy without excessive wrapping materials
    • Provide product info like usage guidelines inside the box
    • Include recyclable mailers for product returns/exchanges
    • Leverage digital printing for small batches and quick replenishments
    • Work with suppliers who offer warehousing and shipping services
    • Analyze shipping data to optimize future box dimensions
    • Use eco-friendly materials like plant-based inks and recycled cardboard
    • Add QR codes on the box for customers to access additional digital information
    • Ensure brand messaging is tailored for e-commerce buyers

    Innovative Hairspray Packaging Trends

    The hairspray packaging landscape continues to evolve as brands explore fresh aesthetics and technologies to excite and engage modern consumers. Let’s look at some of the innovative trends shaping Wholesale Hairspray Boxes:

    Minimalist Design

    Clean, decluttered styles focused on essential branding and product information are gaining prominence. Negative space and subtle graphics create sophistication.

    Abstract Shapes

    Circles, diagonal lines and geometric patterns replace conventional packaging forms for an avant-garde appeal. Stimulates visual interest.

    Pastel Colors

    Soft, muted color schemes like pink, lavender and sea green provide a delicate and feminine nuance aligned to haircare.

    Photo-realistic Printing

    Advanced HD printing creates stunning photographic reproductions on hairspray boxes to showcase product benefits.

    Bold Typography

    Large customized fonts, hand-lettering and brush scripts create impactful textural interest and convey brand personality.

    Metallic Sheens

    Copper, rose gold and silver metallic finishes through foiling, inks and coatings add a touch of luxury.

    Original Illustrations

    Whimsical and artistic hand-drawn sketches and illustrations give an artisanal vibe and human connection.

    Unexpected Shapes

    Non-conventional geometric shapes like hexagons and chamfered edges offer surprises. Reflects progressive thinking.

    Premium Coatings

    Soft-touch matte, anti-fingerprint coatings and layered spot UV create tangible and visual textures.

    Holographic Film

    Iridescent holographic films generate prismatic effects and a futuristic cyberpunk theme. Eye-catching on shelves.

    Responsible Sourcing

    Ethical material sourcing, reduced carbon footprint and plastic-free packaging reflects eco-conscious values.

    Smart Technologies

    NFC tags, augmented reality and connected packs create interactive mobile customer experiences.

    Benefits of Innovative Hairspray Packaging

    Futuristic packaging trends offer hairspray brands the following advantages:

    • Generate excitement and curiosity among consumers to try new products
    • Portray the brand as progressive, creative and bold
    • Make the product stand out in the retail environment
    • Establish thought leadership and industry trendsetter status
    • Forge emotional connection with customers through storytelling elements
    • Reflect commitment to sustainability and ethical values
    • Leverage emerging technologies for consumer engagement
    • Command premium pricing for unique packaging design

    Bringing Hairspray Packaging Innovation to Life

    Brands can incorporate below tips to realize ambitious and innovative hairspray packaging goals:

    • Research global design trends across industries for inspiration
    • Collaborate with avant-garde industrial designers
    • Explore materials like bioplastics and vegetable-based inks
    • Consider 3D printing for highly complex shapes and prototypes
    • Embed interactive technologies to create connected experiences
    • Use texture through unorthodox finishing techniques
    • Take bold creative risks rather than safe designs
    • Partner with a solutions-oriented packaging company ready to push boundaries
    • Start with limited product drops to test market reaction


    Pushing packaging boundaries through material, structural and decorative innovation helps build excitement and preference for hairspray brands. The combination of forward-thinking product formulation encased in imaginative packaging can capture consumer imagination. Brands willing to experiment with the latest trends stand to win big.

    Custom Hairspray Boxes

    Vivacious custom hairspray boxes that portray conditioning, styling, and wet-look hair sprays catch the eye of onlookers. Our expert team offers you a highly tailored-made range of cosmetic brand packaging with unique designs for each product type to help your item stand out in crowded stores or markets alike. A worthwhile recognition can be achieved by using shrill magnetic boxes made just right – we’ve got them all covered, so get started today.

    Custom Hairspray Boxes And Packaging

    Customize your hairspray packaging with our variety of customizable hair spray boxes! We have what’s right for every brand, whether you want a shape, size, and colors that will catch the eye or an image to wow them. Hair products are essential for keeping one’s hair healthy and looking good. However, most people don’t realize the importance of hairspray until they can no longer find their favorite shade at a store near them or even online! This is where Rapid Custom Boxes comes in: We offer high-quality printing services that will help you make an attractive hairspray box package with your company’s logo on it to sell these valuable items more efficiently than ever before. We also provide enough custom hairspray box tops so other people can see what’s inside when they’re looking at shelves on shopping trips.

    Wholesale Custom Printed Hairspray Boxes

    The cosmetic industry continues its progress, and it also grabs the attention of fashion-conscious people, specifically ladies. Hairs are considered a sign of self-empowerment, so everyone wants to take care of their hair with products that enhance beauty; this includes men who want to stay stylish while having abundant confidence in themselves too! One great example would be hairspray which can provide volume or hold styles without crunchy as most other brands do. 

    What’s more attractive than a well-made, eye-catching custom hairspray box? The answer is not much! That’s why companies in the cosmetic industry spend time and money designing custom hair product boxes. They want people to associate their brands with beautiful presentations that display products attractively so customers will rebuy them or tell friends how great this company is.

    Eye-Cathing Customization Options

    You can win over customers using custom hair spray boxes by providing enticing and eye-grabbing packages. Rapid Boxes has a lot of options for you to choose from when it comes to customizing your die-cut hairspray boxes. You can even choose the shape of the hairspray box lid! This way, your company will be sure to get and keep customers by using creative marketing strategies that target each person individually. We are here to help you design the perfect box for your product. Our experts will create a 3D mockup of what we discuss, and then they’ll give it their seal approval so that nothing is left out or overlooked when creating these beautiful cosmetic custom hairspray boxes.

    Hairspray boxes come in many different styles and designs. The Die-Cut Window Hairspray Boxes are most appropriate for the design you want, with our top-of-line services.

    Sturdy Hairspray Box Packaging

    When it comes to your product’s customized hairspray box packaging, you want something that will make a solid first impression and highlight what makes it unique. We offer different paper stocks for our client’s needs, from corrugated board (board withstands) down to kraft or even plastic wrap.

    We are an environmentally friendly company that prefers to use recyclable and biodegradable materials. Our custom hairspray box packaging is made from eco-friendly kraft paper that helps efficiently reduce toxic land waste. At the same time, Rapid Custom Boxes have been proven as we design stylish hairspray boxes without including any dangerous chemicals in our process.

    We offer the most desirable packaging for hair spray brands. This lightweight and easy-to-process material is in high demand by every company because it provides strong protection, a great appearance whether opened or closed (depending on your preference), and an affordable price point that can accommodate any budget! Our custom hairspray Boxes Packaging team strives to meet all standards with their excellent workmanship while staying true to quality customer service practices throughout each step of production – from checking stock authenticity down even to shipping boxes once completed.

    Wholesale Custom Printed Hairspray Boxes

    There’s no better way than with an innovative and eye-catching color scheme when marketing. Rapid Custom Boxes offers the most advanced machinery for imprinting boxes in various colors of your choosing; we will even create themes based on what you want to represent yourself as a company or brand.

    Custom printed. Hairspray boxes are the perfect way to package your product because they can be customized with an imprinted logo or slogan that will help you stand out from other brands.

    Exceptional Add-On On Boxes

    The finishing options for your custom hairspray boxes are just as important to consider when you want them to look their best. We offer a choice of shiny or non-shiny laminations, like glossiness and matte surfaces with a Soft Touch finish that will give an enchanting visual appeal to any product inside!

    Increase your brand value and win customers’ hearts with exceptional add-ons like Embossing, Foiling, and Debossing PVC Window matching inserts. The stamping foil comes in two colors, gold or silver, to match the hairspray box decor! A variety pack is perfect if you want more than one design on each item because they are so affordable. This will also give it a personalized feel where every product has its unique detail, making these customizable hairspray boxes even more special.

    Shape And Size For Hairspray Box

    What’s the best way to make your custom hairspray boxes stand out in a crowd? Having an excellent shape, of course! Rapid Custom Boxes have all different shapes and sizes available for our clients. They can choose from circularly shaped ones or even ones that are long like triangles – whatever they need, we got here at rapid-custom boxes, so get creative with us today while stocks last. The shape options include;

    • Cube
    • Cylindrical
    • Rectangular
    • Gable
    • Pyramid
    • Pie
    • Diamond

    Unique Hairspray Boxes Design 

    Customizing the shape of your hairspray has never been more exciting or creative. You can display it with inherited structures in various ways, like custom cut-outs for windows on packages! If you want something more sophisticated, look, gold/silver foiling will stand out against dark backgrounds–or white if light-colored packaging would work better than black. We also recommend looking into raised ink features; this type makes products visible even when displayed behind glass doors at retail locations, which is essential because shoppers need easy access.

    High-Cost Material Options

    We use the finest materials in our production process because it’s essential for a hair spray package to meet market standards. We offer many different options so you can create your custom look. Our most common material options include;

    • Eco-Friendly Kraft
    • E-flute Corrugated
    • Bux Board
    • Cardstock

    Finishing Coating Options

    With so many options for coating your hairspray, you’re sure to find one that suits whatever look or feel is right. Whether it’s a gloss finish with UV spots on top-whatever gets the job done. It doesn’t matter if all of these finishes seem too subtle–we’ve got something right inside each box, thanks only to Rapid Custom Boxes.


    The best way to stand out from the crowd is by using unique add-ons. For example, you could put handles on your custom hairspray boxes to make them more accessible for people to carry around, or try adding ribbons in various colors and textures and laces that can make a statement.

    Branding Of Your Hairspray Boxes

    We have the perfect custom hair spray box for you! Your products will be displayed on shelves with all of these glamorous designs. Our die-cut hairspray boxes are designed per specific sizes, shapes, and styles so that no matter what theme or color scheme is desired, we can provide them to make sure people buy whatever product they see first when browsing through our store’s items available inside them.

    Customized Hairspray Box For Marketing

    We all know that retail sales are essential for the health of any business. But how do you get your products onto shelves? Custom Display Hairspray Boxes will make people stop in their tracks and check out what’s offered! We have an easy process to land them there, too–just contact us with an idea or design convent so we can create something perfectly tailored just to meet your needs.

    Attention Seeking Hairspray Boxes

    Your hair products are the first impression of your brand, so they need to be top-quality. We have manufacturing services for premium custom hairspray boxes to ensure you always get a fantastic appearance. Everyone is double-checked just in case there are any imperfections on their way.

    You can now keep your custom-made hairspray boxes looking stylish while also adding functionality with our variety of materials. We offer cardboard, Kraft paper, and corrugated options in various shapes, from regular cubes to round edges for when you want it most – like on-demand. Hair sprays have been around for a long time and can be used in many ways. One of the most popular uses is to style your hair, which creates an attractive look by making sure it looks good from all angles – this allows you more flexibility than other products that only work well if applied correctly at first! Hairspray also helps maintain its shape throughout wear, so no matter what kind we’re talking about extensive volume sessions or small bobs–they’ll stay put without feeling stiffer than before. Thanks, hairdos using these types always come with their unique packaging styles.

    We all know the power of hairspray. It can make you feel and look your best, so what better way to show it off than by sending out a tailor-made custom hairspray box with “J” on it?! You’ll be getting free shipping across the US just for ordering this hairspray box.

    Get Innovative With Your Boxes

    We have many options to decorate your custom-designed hairspray box colorfully and creatively. You can even get it printed in full color if you want! Our designers will work with the design process until every last detail has been thought of, so they’re great at making packages that stand out from the rest on store shelves – at no extra charge (since we know how expensive things like printing are).

    They help you develop your dream designs to print on personalized custom hairspray boxes in exciting color combinations. Choose from the best finishing options, including glossy, matte, or aqueous coating, for perfect printing results that will make customers brand-loyal at wholesale prices! Not forgetting we use 100% recyclable materials, so every hairspray box prepared by us is eco-friendly too.

    Best Hairspray Box Packaging Material 

    To get ahead in the competitive hairspray market, you need to be creative and innovative. Packaging is one way that products can stand out from other brands- so make sure your custom hairspray box packaging reflects what makes yours unique! Customers don’t want history; they just want some highlights that will come alive through colorful designs on an attractive custom hairspray box for their valuable product. For example: think about how many people love using hairspray but hate opening up hairspray box packages with messy Labels stuck together due to excessive gluing during production.

    Variety Of Hairspray Boxes

    You can find hairspray boxes in different sizes, shapes, and crafts. You need to be very selective about color schemes, design, etc. Customers will not get a chance from your product when they buy it! The custom hairspray boxes should also have more personality than you do so that someone who buys the product knows what’s inside without having any idea where it’s from or how much time was spent creating this beauty.

    Custom Hair Spray Boxes Solution

    Custom hairspray boxes are the best way to ensure your product stays secure and in its proper place. With a custom designed hairspray box, you can be confident that those pesky air bubbles won’t ruin anything! There’s no need to worry about mislabeled containers when they’re right on point with what you want- just ask them about how we could get started today.


    Hairspray boxes are an economical way to promote your business in the cosmetic industry. They will catch attention with nicely printed shelving displays, telling customers that you have something better than just regular hairspray for them. A great thing about this idea is how cost-effective it can be. Its appearance makes people curious, but what’s inside says a lot, so these promotional products are great if you don’t want to spend a lot of money or time advertising.

    Custom hairspray boxes are a great way to keep your style intact and protect it from the elements. A custom display hairspray box will give you more freedom because no two people want the same! Rapid Boxes offers excellent printed products with free shipping so that users can be their designers without breaking the bank or going through all sorts of trouble creating an identity for themselves in this competitive marketplace.

    Personalized Hairspray Boxes  

    When it comes to hair, you can never have too many options. Rapid Custom Boxes stocks some of the most reputable agencies in town to get what their customers need without hassle or stress!

    Customized hairspray boxes are so hot right now! Big brands like Nike and Redbull have been putting their logos on top of everything because they know how much attention individuality gets from consumers. Provide custom designs for your products. People will recognize them easily at first sight, which is good news since most shoppers only focus on what’s written above or below an image instead of seeing something different than themselves when browsing through listings online.

    Many products vying for the top spot and looking at ways to stay ahead of the competition. The pressure from this need has resulted in an increased demand for custom hairspray box packaging, which will lead them even further up their game when it comes time to compete again.

    Custom Hairspray Boxes With Finest Finishes

    The market is competitive, and if you want to stand out from the crowd, your brand must have an eye-catching appearance. Rapid Custom Boxes can help with branding for customized hair spray box packaging, so they’re more likely to be noticed by customers.

    We use special efficient hair spray packing boxes to ensure the exceptional quality of materials used in this process. We also encourage beauty brands who need their products shipped quickly for convenience’s sake – they’re ready for your order as soon as possible.

    Why Choose Us?

    We’re always looking for ways to make your product stand out. We offer customizable hair spray boxes with free delivery tailored just right.

    Why not take your beauty business to the next level with these “custom hair spray boxes”? These high-quality custom hairspray boxes will ensure that every customer gets a pleasant experience and leaves feeling like they’ve been gone by some kind of personal stylist. With free shipping on all orders, you can’t go wrong!

    FAQs on Custom Hairspray Boxes

    Q: What kind of information should be printed on hairspray boxes?

    Relevant product details, ingredients, application instructions, warnings, company contact details and compliance information should be printed. Other elements are branding, logos, taglines and graphics.

    Q: Can we order a small quantity of custom printed hairspray boxes?

    Yes, dependable packaging companies can provide production runs starting 100-500 units. Digital printing is ideal for such small quantities.

    Q: How are custom hairspray boxes different from ready-made boxes?

    Custom boxes are made specifically to your brand’s requirements while ready-made boxes have fixed standard sizes and shapes.

    Q: How do we provide box specifications and designs to the packaging company?

    You can email the supplier your content, images, logo files, 3D CAD models and other design guidelines for production.

    Q: Can we get free design support for custom hairspray packaging?

    Top packaging companies have in-house graphics designers who can help create box designs and renderings as per your needs without any charges.

    Q: What is the typical time required to manufacture custom printed hairspray boxes?

    Turnaround time is usually 10-15 business days depending on order size. Digital printing offers faster delivery over offset printing.

    Q: Do hairspray boxes require any special certifications?

    If selling in Europe, packaging must be CE certified indicating compliance with EU safety, health and environmental regulations.

    Q: What kind of box styles should we use for hairspray gift packs?

    Creative shapes, windowed boxes, and those with ribbons/bows make hairspray boxes appear gift-worthy for special packs.


    Paper Stock

    10pt – 24pt Eco-Friendly Kraft, Corrugated & Flute Stock


    CMYK, PMS, Without printing


    Semi Gloss AQ, Gloss UV, Matte UV, Spot Gloss & Matte UV


    Digital Proof, 3D Mock-up

    Custom Printed Hairspray Boxes


    Minimum 50 to Max 500,000


    Available in all Custom Sizes

    Default Process

    Die Cutting, Gluing, Scoring, perforating


    Window Cut Out, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Raised Ink

    Custom Packaging FAQs

    How do we manufacture our custom boxes, and what procedure do we follow to ensure the integrity and durability of our offers? Learn everything by asking directly our customer support representatives. For your convenience, we have provided all the answers to the frequently asked questions here.

    Yes, you can have die-cut windows on them in various shapes. You can showcase the shape of your hair spray bottle by getting the die-cut windows in the same shape on these boxes. 

    If you want to have boxes in bulk with high-quality prints, then the screen printing method is ideal. It also accommodates intricate design patterns. For small-scale orders, our digital printing method is effective as its cost does not vary with the order size.

    You need to provide us with the measurement of your hair spray in length, width, and height. We will get back to you with perfect-sized boxes. If you have any queries, ask our customer support representative directly. 

    Yes, you are free to make changes to the designs of our templates. You can add or remove anything to craft your unique style. Our designers also guide you about suitable and trendy themes for making your hairspray prominent on retail shelves.

    The maximum limit for these boxes is 500,000, and the minimum order limit is 50. Both small- and large-scale businesses can avail of our packaging services. 


    Free shipping to over 200 Countries.


    100% Quality Assurance Guarantee.


    Packaging at affordable prices.


    Monday-Friday from 8AM-5PM EST.


    Free shipping to over 200 Countries.


    Packaging at affordable prices.


    100% Quality Assurance Guarantee.


    Monday-Friday From 8AM-5PM EST.

    Company Services

    At Rapid Custom Boxes, we redefine packaging solutions with innovation and precision. Our services encompass bespoke packaging designs, eco-friendly materials, and a commitment to elevating your brand's identity. Experience excellence in custom packaging that sets your products apart. Choose Rapid Custom Boxes for packaging that speaks volumes.

    Bigger discounts offer for large orders

    Bigger Discounts Offer for large orders Prices are negotiable based on your purchase volume and Fixated prices can be offered based on frequency of the order.

    Easy To Order

    Easy To order you can make your online order through our Live Chat Support on our website, direct call or e-mail our support team.

    E-Billing Services

    All customers are provided with E-statements of their purchase, for future order and their records.

    FREE Flat View and 3D Digital Proof

    Upon agreement of price quote, all clients are provided with Flat View in a template form & also 3D Mockup proof of their own exact boxes for approval.

    Risk Free, Quality Assurance

    We’ve State of the art production facility and all printed jobs are run through our strict quality assurance department, to prevent quality complains.

    Printed Method

    We use Off-set printing to achieve excellent printing results. However, Digital and screen printing is also available depending on box requirements.

    Need a Sample?

    No problem! We can make you a single custom box with your design and dimensions.

    Upcoming Offers

    Are you looking for special discount offers to get premium packaging solutions at amazing rates? Here are this week's promotional offers that you must not ignore. 


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