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Custom Ice Cream Boxes Wholesale
Custom Ice Cream Boxes

Custom Ice Cream Boxes

Custom ice cream boxes are specially designed to deliver various types of ice creams to the target customers in a secure yet attractive manner. These boxes are made with durable materials like cardboard that protect from external factors. With insulation, the finishing layer maintains the temperature at a low level to keep the texture of the ice cream. With customization, businesses adopt unique identities for their ice cream products. At Rapid Custom Boxes, these boxes are available at the finest quality with high flexibility in terms of design and finishing.


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    Custom Ice Cream Boxes: The Ultimate Guide to Boosting Your Brand

    In the competitive world of ice cream, having a standout product is only half the battle. To truly capture customers’ attention and drive sales, you need packaging that’s just as memorable as your flavors. That’s where custom ice cream boxes come in.

    Protection and Preservation

    First and foremost, custom ice cream boxes provide essential protection for your delicate products during storage and transport. Made from sturdy, moisture-resistant materials like cardstock, corrugated cardboard, or kraft paperboard, these boxes are designed to withstand the rigors of the freezer aisle and keep your ice cream in perfect condition.

    Branding and Marketing

    But Ice Cream Packaging Boxes do more than just protect your product – they also serve as a powerful marketing tool. With the ability to customize every aspect of the design, from size and shape to colors and graphics, you can create a box that truly reflects your brand identity and grabs customers’ attention. Imagine a sleek, minimalist box adorned with your logo and a mouth-watering photo of your signature flavor. Or a whimsical, colorful design that perfectly captures the joy and fun of your brand. With ice cream boxes wholesale, the possibilities are endless.

    Customer Experience

    Custom packaging also enhances the customer experience, making the act of purchasing and enjoying your ice cream feel extra special. A beautiful, well-designed box can create a sense of anticipation and excitement, and even encourage customers to share photos of your products on social media.

    Key Features to Look for in Custom Ice Cream Boxes

    When choosing custom ice cream boxes for your business, there are several key features to keep in mind:

    Durability and Insulation

    Look for boxes made from sturdy, moisture-resistant materials that will hold up to the demands of the freezer. Some options to consider include: Cardstock: A cost-effective choice for lighter-weight boxes Corrugated cardboard: Ideal for larger or heavier products that need extra protection Kraft paperboard: A strong, eco-friendly option that’s perfect for natural or organic brands You may also want to consider boxes with additional insulation properties, such as those lined with foil or featuring built-in inserts, to further protect your ice cream from temperature fluctuations.

    Customization Options

    The whole point of Ice Cream Packaging is to create packaging that’s uniquely yours. Look for a supplier that offers a wide range of customization options, including: Size and shape: From standard pint and quart boxes to custom sizes and unique shapes like hexagons or cones Printing: Full-color digital or offset printing, with options for specialty finishes like metallic foils, embossing, or spot UV coating Materials: A variety of paperboard stocks and eco-friendly options like recycled or biodegradable materials Functional features: Add-ons like die-cut windows, tear strips, or built-in spoons for added functionality and convenience


    With consumers increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of packaging, it’s important to choose ice cream boxes that are as eco-friendly as possible. Look for boxes made from recycled or biodegradable materials, and consider options like soy-based inks or water-based coatings that minimize harmful chemicals. Some custom packaging suppliers even offer carbon-neutral shipping or donate a portion of proceeds to environmental causes, allowing you to further demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.

    Pricing and Minimum Order Quantities

    Of course, price is always a factor when choosing custom packaging. Look for a supplier that offers competitive pricing and can work with you to find a solution that fits your budget. Keep in mind that many suppliers have minimum order quantities (MOQs) for wholesale ice cream packaging, which can range from a few hundred to several thousand units. However, some suppliers specialize in short runs and may offer lower MOQs for smaller businesses or those just starting out.

    The Custom Ice Cream Box Ordering Process

    Once you’ve found a custom packaging supplier that meets your needs, the ordering process typically involves the following steps:

    Design and Artwork

    The first step is to create your custom design. Most suppliers offer free design services, with a team of experienced designers who can help bring your vision to life. You’ll provide your logo, brand colors, and any specific design elements or images you want to include, and the designer will create a digital proof for your approval. If you already have print-ready artwork, you can usually submit it directly to the supplier. Just be sure to follow their artwork guidelines and specifications to ensure the best possible print quality.

    Material and Finishing Selections

    Next, you’ll choose the specific materials and finishing options for your bulk ice cream boxes. Your supplier can guide you through the available options and help you select the best combination for your needs and budget.

    Proofing and Approval

    Before your boxes go into production, you’ll have the opportunity to review and approve a final proof. This is your chance to make sure everything looks perfect, from the design and colors to the placement of any text or images.

    Production and Shipping

    Once you’ve approved the final proof, your ice cream packaging boxes will go into production. Most suppliers offer turnaround times of 2-3 weeks, although some may offer expedited options for an additional fee. When your boxes are ready, they’ll be shipped directly to your business or warehouse. Some suppliers offer free shipping, while others may charge based on weight and distance.

    Maximizing the Impact of Your Custom Ice Cream Boxes

    To get the most out of your custom ice cream boxes, consider these tips:

    Consistency is Key

    Use your custom ice cream boxes as an opportunity to reinforce your brand identity and create a consistent look and feel across all your products. Incorporate your logo, brand colors, and any key messaging or slogans to create a cohesive brand experience.

    Tell Your Story

    Your steffens ice cream boxes are the perfect place to share your brand story and connect with customers on a deeper level. Use the space to highlight your unique ingredients, production process, or company history, and create a sense of transparency and authenticity.

    Engage Your Customers

    Encourage customers to interact with your brand by including calls-to-action or special offers on your custom ice cream boxes. For example, you could include a QR code that links to a landing page with exclusive discounts or a social media contest where customers can share photos of your products for a chance to win prizes.

    Think Outside the Box

    Don’t be afraid to get creative with your custom ice cream boxes and think beyond the standard rectangular shape. Consider unique shapes, interactive features like pop-up elements or scratch-off games, or even functional add-ons like built-in spoons or napkins.

    The Future of Custom Ice Cream Packaging

    As the ice cream industry continues to evolve, so too will the role of custom packaging. Here are a few trends to watch:

    Sustainable Materials

    With consumers increasingly demanding eco-friendly options, expect to see more premium ice cream boxes made from sustainable materials like recycled paperboard, plant-based plastics, or even edible packaging.

    Smart Packaging

    The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) is bringing new possibilities to custom packaging, with features like NFC tags or built-in sensors that can track temperature, freshness, or even consumer behavior.


    As digital printing technology advances, it’s becoming easier and more affordable to create truly personalized packaging. Imagine custom ice cream boxes with the customer’s name or favorite flavor printed right on the box – the ultimate in bespoke branding.

    Choosing the Right Custom Ice Cream Box Supplier

    With so many custom packaging suppliers to choose from, how do you find the right one for your business? Here are a few key factors to consider:

    Experience and Expertise

    Look for a supplier with a proven track record of creating high-quality custom ice cream boxes with logo. They should have experience working with a variety of materials, printing techniques, and design styles, and be able to provide examples of past work.

    Customer Service and Support

    Your packaging supplier should be a partner in your success, not just a vendor. Look for a company with responsive, knowledgeable customer service and a dedication to helping you achieve your packaging goals. They should be able to answer your questions, provide guidance and recommendations, and be available to assist with any issues that may arise.

    Customization Options

    As mentioned earlier, customization is key when it comes to classic ice cream boxes. Look for a supplier that offers a wide range of options, from box sizes and styles to materials and finishes. They should also have a user-friendly design process and be able to bring your unique vision to life.

    Sustainability and Social Responsibility

    If sustainability is important to your brand, look for a supplier that shares your values. Many custom packaging companies now offer eco-friendly options like recycled or biodegradable materials, and some even have certifications like FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or Green-e. Additionally, consider suppliers with strong social responsibility programs, such as fair labor practices or charitable giving initiatives.

    Pricing and Value

    Of course, price is always a consideration when choosing a custom packaging supplier. However, it’s important to look beyond just the upfront cost and consider the overall value provided. A slightly more expensive option may offer higher quality, better customer service, or more advanced customization options that can ultimately drive better results for your business.

    Custom Ice Cream Boxes and Your Bottom Line

    Investing in custom ice cream boxes can have a significant impact on your business’s bottom line. Here’s how:

    Increased Brand Recognition and Loyalty

    Eye-catching, memorable packaging can help your brand stand out in a crowded marketplace and build recognition among customers. Over time, this can lead to increased brand loyalty and repeat purchases, as customers come to associate your brand with quality and positive experiences.

    Higher Perceived Value and Price Point

    Custom packaging can also increase the perceived value of your products, allowing you to command a higher price point. Customers are often willing to pay more for products that come in high-quality, attractive packaging, as it suggests a premium product inside.

    Reduced Damage and Waste

    Well-designed custom ice cream boxes can help protect your products during storage and transport, reducing the risk of damage and waste. This can save your business money in the long run by minimizing the need for replacements or refunds.

    Increased Sales and Market Share

    Ultimately, the goal of custom ice cream boxes is to drive sales and grow your business. By creating packaging that grabs attention, communicates your brand story, and delights customers, you can increase impulse purchases, attract new customers, and ultimately gain a larger share of the market.

    Real-World Examples of Custom Ice Cream Boxes

    To help inspire your own custom ice cream box designs, here are a few real-world examples of brands that are doing it right:

    Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

    Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams is known for their unique flavors and high-quality ingredients, and their packaging reflects that premium positioning. Their cardboard ice cream boxes feature a clean, minimalist design with bold pops of color and mouth-watering product photography. They also use eco-friendly materials and highlight their commitment to sustainability right on the box.

    Halo Top

    Halo Top disrupted the ice cream industry with their low-calorie, high-protein pints, and their packaging played a big role in their success. Their custom boxes feature a sleek, modern design with eye-catching colors and prominent nutrition information. They also use clever copy and playful illustrations to communicate their brand personality and make their products feel approachable and fun.

    Ben & Jerry’s

    Ben & Jerry’s has been a leader in the premium ice cream market for decades, and their packaging is a big part of their brand identity. Their custom boxes are instantly recognizable, with bold, colorful designs that showcase their whimsical flavor names and descriptions. They also use their packaging to highlight their commitment to social and environmental causes, with information about their ingredient sourcing and charitable partnerships.

    High-quality Materials for Custom Ice Cream Boxes

    Everybody loves to enjoy ice cream as a dessert on different occasions and even in routine. But nobody likes to receive an ice cream pack with a melted one. So, packaging matters a lot in keeping this sensitive dessert in frozen form until it reaches the destination or the target customers. At Rapid Custom Boxes, you will get custom ice cream boxes most effectively with all the protection features. We make use of premium materials like cardboard or paperboard due to their sturdiness and flexibility in terms of customization.

    These materials are great in terms of maintaining the temperature of the box by providing enough insulation. So, ice cream remains perfect with slight changes in the temperature level. Moreover, our ice cream packaging boxes have finishing layers on both the inside and the outside that are moisture-resistant. This way, the moisture of this dairy product does not ruin the strength of the box, and it will remain hard for a longer time. Such coating to bulk square ice cream boxes also adds more thickness to the sides of the packaging and makes it durable.

    Higher Recognition with Eco-friendliness

    Another great feature of our ice cream packaging is its safety aspects. We make sure to make packaging solutions that comply with sustainable practices. In this era, global warming is adversely affecting the lives of the people. That is why people are becoming conscious of their actions. They are now preferring such businesses that are playing their role towards the betterment of society. So, by using our eco-friendly wholesale ice cream packaging, you have the opportunity to build a positive image of your products.

    Along with the goodwill, sustainable practices make it easy for businesses to utilize old ice cream boxes wholesale for making new ones. This way, the cost of manufacturing is reduced a lot and puts less burden on natural resources. If you want to show the positive side of your products to your target customers, then feel free to contact us. Our custom support representatives will help you make the right choices for having nature-friendly vintage ice cream boxes.

    Flexible Size and Shape Selection

    In a market where multiple brands are selling ice cream products, you need to be careful about the size and shape of your packaging. Choosing the perfect size and unique shape is a perfect marketing strategy. Our candy packaging boxes come in various sizes to accommodate different volumes and types of ice cream products. For cone-shaped ice-creams, we have different packaging sizes. While for ice cream bars or sticks, we have separate options like mini square ice cream boxes wholesale. This freedom makes it easy for our customers to use our packaging solution.

    Along with the size, we help in making creative cardboard ice cream boxes by offering them in various shapes. Conventional shapes like squares and rectangles are in high demand. But if you want to present your ice cream uniquely, then we have other options, too. For example, for depicting the flavor of the ice cream, you have the option of using various fruit shapes like strawberry, mango, etc. With such a unique shape selection, your customers will feel special about your products and feel motivated to try them.

    Powerful Branding Tactics

    Custom ice cream boxes with logos are a must to make your product reliable in the eyes of the customers. An ice cream pack that is without identity cannot win the trust of the customers. Such products are linked with forged or low-quality ingredients. To make your ice cream reliable and motivate new customers to try your brand, we help you to have an impactful branding strategy. With the help of advanced logo imprints, our experts highlight your branding essentials on classic ice cream boxes.

    Our hot-selling printing techniques like embossing, debossing, and foil stamping are great for having a premium appeal for your cardboard ice cream boxes. In embossing, our experts apply heat from the inner side to have a raised area on the surface of Swiss ice cream boxes. While in debossing, we apply heat from the front side to have an indented area for your logo and brand name. Likewise, if a brand wants to have a metallic and modern look for its branding strategy then our foil stamping technique is best to consider. Most customers prefer gold and silver foil shades. However, you are free to choose any color for your premium ice cream boxes.

    Premium Printing Effects

    A simple box looks boring even if the inside products are of high quality. To make your ice cream look interesting in the eyes of the target customers, we make use of vibrant graphics for Steffens ice cream boxes. Here at Rapid Custom Boxes, we provide you with multiple printing options, like offset, digital, and screen printing, to have clear yet eye-catching images related to flavors, ingredients, etc.

    Offset Printing

    This is one of our high-quality and traditional printing methods that involves the use of ink plates and rubber sheets for transferring inks of various colors on the surface of the packaging solutions. It involves transferring ink to a rubber sheet and then onto the printing surface. If you want to have custom empanadas boxes at a reasonable price, then this is the right option.

    Digital Printing

    This is one of the latest techniques to have your prints. In this method, our experts don’t need to use ink plates or rubber sheets. The ink is directly applied to the surface of the ice cream box pictures. So, the turnaround time is quite short for this method, and you don’t have to wait for your custom order. Moreover, this method is suitable for small-scale orders as the cost is not dependent upon the order size.


    This is another famous technique to have vibrant prints on your custom order. Especially if you want to have square ice cream boxes in large quantities but have a limited budget, then this is the most suitable option. However, the color options are limited with this method, so you need to remain focused on a limited number of colors.

    Clear yet Concise Labelling

    Without labeling, nobody knows the quality of your product. The information about ingredients, their amount, manufacturing dates, etc. Ensure that you are providing quality edibles. Rapid Custom Boxes assist in having clear yet concise labels for your classic ice cream boxes. With labeling, you can also convey important information like storage instructions, ideal temperature recommendations, and pointing out things to avoid to keep the ice cream.

    For going on the advanced level, businesses may add various QR codes to label their ice cream packaging boxes. This way, customers can navigate to the manufacturer’s site and its informational content. By considering our printing services, you will get clear and concise text that makes the whole content interesting to read. So, motivate your potential customers to learn more about your ice cream and its significance with our effective labeling.

    Matte and Glossy Lamination

    Lamination plays a vital role in increasing the appeal of any box. That is why our ice cream boxes 2000 are completed by having flawless finishing effects. Among different options, our matte and glossy laminations are the most popular. Businesses who want to have a contemporary and modern appeal must go for our glossy surfaces. The reflective light feature of this finishing effect enhances the beauty of custom macaron boxes and makes your ice cream more special as compared to the competitors.

    For having an elegant appeal, our matte lamination is best to utilize for ice cream boxes 2000. With reduced glaze, the readability of the label also improves, and your customers can read the information, like ingredients, calories, manufacturing date, etc., in different lighting effects. This clarity of bulk ice cream boxes with elegance makes a lasting impression and increases the popularity of your ice cream products.

    Why Choose us

    If you are unsure about your design or any other manufacturing aspects of custom ice cream boxes, then don’t worry; Rapid Custom Boxes has covered your back with all these perks:

    No order limit

    Whether you want to have Swiss ice cream boxes in bulk or small quantities, we are capable of meeting your specific requirements. Moreover, we will guide you in making suitable printing and finishing choices according to your order size.

    No Delays

    With our vast production network and highly skilled workers, we provide you with your custom order on time without any delay. So, deliver your ice cream products on time to your target market by using our bulk square ice cream boxes.

    Expert Designers

    We have a team of designers to give you article design themes for your ice cream packaging boxes. With vast market knowledge, our experts guide you about the popular design trends and the upcoming ones. They also help you in designing your wholesale ice cream packaging in a way that your target customers will like.

    Durable Packaging Solutions

    You will get with us highly durable ice cream packaging that you can use to store your ice cream safely for a longer period. By using durable materials, we ensure the strength of our boxes is not reduced with time.

    Reasonable Prices

    Our prices are quite affordable, and we provide multiple options for the printing and the finishing effects of vintage ice cream boxes. This way, you can choose according to your budget.

    Quick Response

    We have a team of customer support representatives to deal with your queries. Our experts guide various aspects of having perfect Steffens ice cream boxes.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the suitable printing method for bulk square ice cream boxes?

    If you want to get ice cream boxes wholesale, then screen and offset printing methods are great to consider. For high accuracy and complex designs, the screen printing technique is highly recommended. Brands that want to have cost-effective solutions for bulk orders must go for the offset printing method.

    Can I use old ice cream boxes to manufacture new ones?

    Yes, you can use old ice cream boxes again for manufacturing new ones if they are made of eco-friendly materials like cardboard, Kraft, paperboard, etc.

    Can I have old-fashioned ice cream boxes at Rapid Custom Boxes?

    Yes, if you want to have a vintage look, then our designers will help you in getting the ideal old-fashioned ice cream boxes. For such boxes, we prefer vintage typography, pastel colors, or simple classic designs to strengthen your business’s overall look.

    Are your custom ice cream boxes with logos effective for branding?

    Yes, we utilize advanced techniques of putting your branding essentials on square ice cream boxes like embossing, debossing, foil stamping, etc. This way, your ice cream looks unique to others, and you are capable of building your distinctive positive.

    What are the different materials used for custom ice cream boxes with logos?

    You can have mini square ice cream boxes wholesale in various materials like cardboard, Kraft, paperboard, etc. However, cardboard is the most popular choice because of its cost-effectiveness and eco-friendly nature. Furthermore, it is also suitable for various printing and finishing techniques.

    How can I make my custom ice cream boxes stand out?

    There are several ways to make your custom ice cream boxes stand out: – Use bold, eye-catching colors and designs – Incorporate unique shapes or interactive elements – Highlight your brand story and values – Use high-quality materials and finishes – Include mouth-watering product photography or illustrations Work with your packaging supplier to create a design that truly reflects your brand and grabs customers’ attention.

    Can custom ice cream boxes be recycled?

    Yes, many custom ice cream boxes can be recycled, depending on the materials used. Cardstock and kraft paperboard are generally recyclable, while some plastics and coatings may not be. Look for suppliers that offer eco-friendly options and clearly label their boxes with recycling instructions.

    How far in advance should I order custom ice cream boxes?

    It’s generally a good idea to place your custom ice cream box order at least 4-6 weeks in advance, to allow time for design, proofing, production, and shipping. However, if you have a tight deadline, some suppliers may offer rush options for an additional fee. It’s always best to plan ahead and communicate your timeline clearly with your supplier.

    Can I order custom ice cream boxes with different designs for different flavors?

    Yes, most custom packaging suppliers allow you to order different designs for different flavors or product lines. This can be a great way to differentiate your offerings and create a cohesive brand family. Keep in mind that ordering multiple designs may require higher minimum order quantities or incur additional setup fees, so be sure to discuss your needs with your supplier upfront.

    How should I store my custom ice cream boxes?

    To keep your custom ice cream boxes in top condition, store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, moisture, and extreme temperatures. Avoid crushing or bending the boxes, as this can damage the packaging and affect the quality of your products. If possible, store them in their original shipping cartons until ready to use, and avoid stacking heavy items on top of them.


    Custom ice cream boxes are a crucial tool for ice cream brands looking to stand out, build brand recognition, and drive sales. By investing in high-quality, eye-catching packaging that reflects your unique brand identity, you can create a memorable customer experience and ultimately grow your business. When choosing a custom packaging supplier, look for a company with experience, expertise, and a commitment to customer service and sustainability. And don’t be afraid to get creative with your designs – the possibilities are endless! As the ice cream industry continues to evolve, custom packaging will only become more important. By staying on top of the latest trends and technologies, and always putting your customers first, you can create vintage ice cream boxes that truly set your brand apart.


    Paper Stock

    10pt – 24pt Eco-Friendly Kraft, Corrugated & Flute Stock


    CMYK, PMS, Without printing


    Semi Gloss AQ, Gloss UV, Matte UV, Spot Gloss & Matte UV


    Digital Proof, 3D Mock-up

    Ice Cream Boxes


    Minimum 50 to Max 500,000


    Available in all Custom Sizes

    Default Process

    Die Cutting, Gluing, Scoring, perforating


    Window Cut Out, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Raised Ink

    Custom Packaging FAQs

    How do we manufacture our custom boxes, and what procedure do we follow to ensure the integrity and durability of our offers? Learn everything by asking directly our customer support representatives. For your convenience, we have provided all the answers to the frequently asked questions here.

    Yes, we apply moisture-resistant lamination on both the inside and outside so that ice cream dont create smudges on the exterior with its moisture. 

    Our boxes are sturdy enough with effective lamination that keeps the inside temperature low for longer periods. The external surface also repels sun rays and restores coolness inside these boxes.

    Yes, you can have colorful designs on these boxes depicting the flavor of the inside ice cream. You can add images of fruits or any other images to educate the customers. 

    We provide our customers with printing options like offset, screen, digital printing, etc. Each method has its own features. You can ask our experts to choose the most suitable one according to your design complexity and budget. 

    Yes, we provide our customers with a list of templates with various design themes. This collection helps you in choosing the most attractive design for your boxes.


    Free shipping to over 200 Countries.


    100% Quality Assurance Guarantee.


    Packaging at affordable prices.


    Monday-Friday from 8AM-5PM EST.


    Free shipping to over 200 Countries.


    Packaging at affordable prices.


    100% Quality Assurance Guarantee.


    Monday-Friday From 8AM-5PM EST.

    Company Services

    At Rapid Custom Boxes, we redefine packaging solutions with innovation and precision. Our services encompass bespoke packaging designs, eco-friendly materials, and a commitment to elevating your brand's identity. Experience excellence in custom packaging that sets your products apart. Choose Rapid Custom Boxes for packaging that speaks volumes.

    Bigger discounts offer for large orders

    Bigger Discounts Offer for large orders Prices are negotiable based on your purchase volume and Fixated prices can be offered based on frequency of the order.

    Easy To Order

    Easy To order you can make your online order through our Live Chat Support on our website, direct call or e-mail our support team.

    E-Billing Services

    All customers are provided with E-statements of their purchase, for future order and their records.

    FREE Flat View and 3D Digital Proof

    Upon agreement of price quote, all clients are provided with Flat View in a template form & also 3D Mockup proof of their own exact boxes for approval.

    Risk Free, Quality Assurance

    We’ve State of the art production facility and all printed jobs are run through our strict quality assurance department, to prevent quality complains.

    Printed Method

    We use Off-set printing to achieve excellent printing results. However, Digital and screen printing is also available depending on box requirements.

    Need a Sample?

    No problem! We can make you a single custom box with your design and dimensions.

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