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Corrugated Box

Corrugated Box: Your Perfect Packaging Partner

Are you looking for a foolproof way of transferring your delicate yet expensive products over long distances? Then, you must give the corrugated box a try. Corrugated material is capable of bearing pressure without demolishing its shape and structure. Therefore, businesses prefer such packaging solutions to send heavyweight items, like electronics and furniture, to their final customers.   nnAlong with protection, these boxes are available in the market in different styles. Furthermore, users are free to customize this material in any form. Such versatile options make it necessary to select the appropriate type of box according to your product category. Here, we will discuss these boxes from various aspects like types, thicknesses, styles, etc. So, stay with us to make the best use of this perfect packaging partner.n

What is Corrugated Material?

nWhen we use the word corrugated, it means corrugated cardboard or corrugated fiberboard. This material consists of Kraft paper in three layers. The external layers are known as liner boards, and they are exposed to the external environment. In between these liner boards, the medium is known as the flute, which is in wavy form. This is the basic composition of the corrugated cardboard, and because of such layers, it is best for having highly secure packaging solutions. n

Cardboard vs. Corrugated Cardboard

nMany people confuse corrugated cardboard with simple cardboard and think they are the same. But the fact is there is a huge difference in the composition of both these materials. Cardboard consists of heavy paper stock or pulp. This material is widely used in practice for manufacturing folded carton boxes for small to medium-sized products and serves an important role in meeting the branding requirements by allowing printing and finishing effects. However, for heavyweight products, this is not the recommended material.nnOn the other hand, corrugated consists of multiple layers of fiberboards or Kraft and flute, which is the strongest packaging material. That is why top brands only prefer corrugated cardboard boxes for transferring their delicate products. n


Rigid Boxes                Folded Carton BoxesCorrugated Boxes
Set-UpNot RequiredRequiredRequired
SecurityHighHigh with InsertsHigh
CostHighVariable with Printing & FinishingVariable with Printing & Finishing
AestheticsHighVariable with Printing & FinishingVariable with Printing & Finishing


 In-depth Analysis of Corrugated Structure

nHere, we will analyze various layers of this material in detail, one by one:n

Liner Boards

nLiner boards, or you can say paper liners, are available in three options for corrugated construction:n

    • n

    • Kraft liners


    • Test paper liners


    • Semi-chemical liners


nYou will have 80% chemical pulp fiber in the case of Kraft liners. This means the side of the packaging will remain stiff and provide resistance against wear and tear. This option is also easy to recycle and eco-friendly, but the cost is higher than other options.nnAdditionally, test paper consists of recycled fiber, so they are budget-friendly but offer lesser durability than Kraft liners. The flexibility in terms of printing options is also low with this fiber content. Lastly, semi-chemical liners are composed of unbleached sulfite semi-pulp hardwood and are best to consider for lightweight packaging.n

Various Flute Grades

nJust like liners, flutes are available in various grades, and the strength of the sheet is dependent on them. The cushioning effect varies with the grade of these flutes, and they are available in the following options: n


nThis is the most durable and protective flute grade to have the highest cushioning properties for your packaging solutions. Many delicate products like glassware are packed by using such flutes as they absorb maximum shocks during product transfer.n


nThis thin flute grade is lesser in strength than A-flute, but still, it is great to consider for having adequate cushioning effect during transit. Along with protection, this is the best option for having high-quality prints. So, it is one of the best choices for impactful branding and unique design of your packaging. n


nThis is a suitable option for various products, including heavy ones like furniture and delicate ones like glassware. However, you will experience moderate crush resistance and printing flexibility. n


nThis is best to consider when you are looking for light packaging, just like paperboard folding cartons. Despite its thin structure, it offers great crush resistance and is ideal to use for mailer boxes. Furthermore, due to the smooth surface of these sheets, you can have vibrant prints for having higher aesthetics along with protection. n


nThis flute is highly used in practice for retailing various types of products. It is the thinnest one among all flute grades, but still, it provides protection against external factors. Just like the E-flute, the F-flute has a smooth surface. So, you have the option of various printing methods to put your design prints or branding essentials. n

Types of Corrugated Cardboard Based on Thickness 

nThe thickness of corrugated cardboard depends upon the liner board and flutes. Here are the different types of such packaging material: n

Single Face 

nThis packaging sheet consists of a one-liner that also has a glued flute, which is naked from the other side.n

Single Wall

nThis is commonly used for packaging solutions. This sheet consists of two liner boards and a flute is available in between these two layers.n

Double Wall

nThis sheet is best for having higher protection as it is composed of three sheets of liner board, and in between these liner boards, there are two flute fiberboards. n

Triple Wall

nThis is the thickest corrugated sheet as it is composed of four sheets of liner board, and in between these liners, there are three fluted fiberboards. Such sheets are best to consider for transferring heavy products like electronics, furniture, etc. n

Multiple Industry Combinations of Flute Grades

nThe market is full of combinations of double and triple walls with different flute grades. Some of the standardized options include:n

AC Flute

nThis is the combination of two highly protective flute grades. For high-end products that need extra security, this is the right combination. n

BC Flute

nIf you are looking for a high-end cushioning effect and premium stacking strength, then this combination is perfect to choose from. Many businesses prefer this flute for manufacturing shipping boxes.n

EB Flute

nIf you want rigid and lightweight packaging, then this is the right combination. Along with these benefits, this flute is suitable to have interesting and creative design prints.n

Possibilities of Box Styles with Corrugated Cardboard

nAlong with sturdiness, these boxes are great for having various styles to present various products. They are best to have higher brand recognition by putting a long-lasting impression on the viewers with their style. Due to their flexible nature, you can consider them from luxury items to daily-use items by choosing any shapes and sizes. Various packaging suppliers like Rapid Custom Boxes are proving them in creative styles like:n

    • n

    • Tick Top Auto Bottom


    • Roll End Tuck Front


    • Roll End 3 Flaps Tuck


    • Corrugated Slotted Container


    • Crash Bottom Boxes


    • Slide Boxes


    • Double Cover Containers


    • Slotted Boxes, etc.



Meeting Superior Quality Standards 

nThe primary goal of using corrugated cardboard is to protect with its sturdiness even under pressure. So, to ensure that a box is perfect to provide security to the inside products, there are certain tests followed by the quality control department. Some standard tests that many packaging suppliers follow to ensure the strength and resistance of these boxes are the following: n

    • n

    • Edge Crush for checking strength and durability


    • Flat Crush for checking strength, compression, and stacking resistance


    • Burst Test for evaluating durability



Perks of Corrugated Cardboard for Packaging

nThe following are the perks of having your packaging solutions in corrugated cardboard:n

Secure Nature

nThis is the primary feature of corrugated material, and it offers foolproof security to the product inside. You can use them for shipping, storage, or retailing purposes. These boxes offer all the necessary security features in terms of higher cushioning effect, protection against environmental factors, etc. n


nVarious types of corrugated boxes offer durability at various levels. For example, triple-walled boxes are more durable and provide long-lasting benefits as compared to single-walled boxes. Generally, these boxes are resistant to wear and tear and offer the perfect solution for storage and shipment. n

Sustainable Nature 

nCorrugated cardboard is recyclable, so you have the option of using old boxes to make new ones. Many suppliers also prefer recycled fibers for manufacturing these boxes as using them puts less burden on natural resources. n

Unlimited Customizations

nThese boxes are great for embracing creativity by using innovative shapes or design themes due to their compatibility with various printing and finishing methods like digital printing, screen printing, offset printing, embossing, debossing, etc.n

Bottom Line

nA corrugated box has brought revolution to the packaging industry, and many businesses are utilizing it to experience e-commerce. This is the best material to have a perfect packaging solution, and all due to premium protections, alliance to sustainable practices, unlimited customization, etc.nnThe only drawback is the high price as compared to other packaging materials. But, the high cost of corrugated cardboard boxes is overlooked when you make a comparison with all its benefits. Always consider them when transferring delicate and luxury items.