What are Custom Boxes?

Custom Boxes for Every Occasion by Rapid Custom Boxes

Introducing you to the world of custom boxes by Rapid Custom Boxes! We can well understand the role of packaging for a brand’s identity and customer encounter. Our service is to provide customized packaging solutions by the art of creativity and functionality. The unparalleled quality in Rapid Custom Boxes is the crafting excellence. From attractive designs to superb quality, we believe that uniqueness of the boxes represents the brand’s creativity. We promise you to provide customized boxes according to your requirements.

What are Custom Boxes?

Custom Boxes, also known as tailor made boxes, are generally packaging products specifically designed and created according to the brand’s requirements or for any occasion. Besides worth, the packaging will meet the precise requirements of the customer or branding. The customized boxes are greatly utilized in various industries and for events for the marketing strategy and brand’s identity.

Aspects of Custom Boxes by Rapid Custom Boxes

Following are the key feature you can align with the customize packaging solutions:

  1. Innovative Designs

It is the demand of customized packaging to create unique and creative designs. The creative design describes the Rapid Custom Boxes skills and excellency. For the business purposes, you can incorporate logos, brand colors and other exclusive elements to make the packaging visually enchanting and appreciable.

  1. Customize size and shape

Custom boxes can be designed in various shapes, formats and sizes so that the products can easily accommodate them. While maintaining size and shape, we ensure you that the dimensions will not damage the product while in transportation.

  1. Top-notch Material

Rapid Custom Boxes assure you the quality of material which is worth-seeing. However, the alteration in material also happens due to the product’s nature and sensitivity. The most common material used for packaging is cardboard, craft paper, corrugated board and other environment friendly options. The material is very costly and has the best quality. Corrugated board provides lamination to the product by the padded effect of the board and ensures the protection. The other paper board can also preserve the material by a humidity barrier.

  1. Printing and branding

Different types of printings are in practice from branding but we will discuss it later. However, the creativity and uniqueness in printing is unparalleled, offered by Rapid Custom Boxes. For the business purposes, you can craft different printing for the marketing, show off product information, promotional messages and other branding elements. We assure you of high-quality printing which elaborates the aesthetics of the product.

  1. Eco friendly options

Many customers and brands opt for custom boxes which are environmentally friendly and trustworthy. The packaging will meet the specifications of brands and customer preferences.

Custom Boxes for every occasion

Rapid Custom Boxes provide customized boxes for every kind of event. Whether it is a product launch, specific celebration or corporate event, we feel proud in offering custom boxes for all events. Our packaging solutions serve numerous industries and customers that complement the essence of products. For the events, custom boxes can be made in different themes such as holiday theme, birthday theme or limited-edition packaging for brand exclusivity.

Functionality of custom boxes beyond aesthetics

In the world of custom boxes, the functionality goes conjointly with inventiveness. These packaging products not only ensure the worth-seeing box but also are very adaptive to the requirements. From customized to perfect unique dimensions, the boxes by Rapid Custom Boxes provide a precise and productive exposure. Apart from visual representation, the unboxing experience will also be encouraged through amazing designs such as handles, inserts and window cutouts. The choice of stuff also ensures the product visibility and durability. In short, custom boxes by Rapid Custom Boxes provide a dynamic customized packaging, unparallel aesthetics with perfect design for more enhanced and memorable customer interaction.

How to Print Custom Boxes

When we talk about printing on custom boxes, it should be valuable for enhancing beauty and attraction. Rapid Custom Boxes provide eye-catching printing on custom boxes which increases the aesthetics of customized packaging. The choice of printing is very crucial in achieving the functionality. Here comes to some types of printing on custom boxes:

      1.Digital Printing

The digital printing is ideal for short-time customized boxes. Through digital printing, valuable data from the brand can be crafted in a short time. This type of printing is for intricate patterns but in small quantities.

  1. Offset Printing

This is very effective printing on the product boxes. Offset printing is valuable for high volume and provides consistency for high quality prints. However, it is costly for high quantities.

  1. Flexographic printing

It is the commonly used type of printing on paper boards and corrugated boards. Flexographic is suitable for long productions. The print quality is excellent on different packaging materials.

  1. Screen printing

Screen printing by Rapid Custom Boxes is the best and outstanding for printing even on plastics. Custom boxes by this type of printing reflect vibrant colors.

  1. Lithographic printing

Lithographic prints on custom boxes provide high quality and consistency. It is used for sharp and detailed prints. Lithographic prints can be carved on retail packaging.

  1. Dyed sublimation printing

The edge of this printing is to carve on fabric surfaces by providing vibrant colors. It provides durable prints for retail and promotional custom boxes.

Versatility in the Types of Custom Boxes

In the realm of packaging, every customer is trying to discover the possibilities that are tailored to fulfill the requirements. Rapid Custom Boxes provide you all kinds of custom packaging according to your needs and demands, each design serves for specific purposes and demands. Here are some usual custom boxes:

  • Retail boxes
  • Shipping boxes
  • Gift boxes
  • Product boxes
  • Cosmetic boxes
  • Food packaging boxes
  • Display boxes
  • Apparel boxes
  • Corrugated boxes
  • Promotional Boxes


  1. How much does a custom box cost?

The cost of the custom box varies depending on your requirements and type of printing and material.

  1. Where to buy custom boxes?

You can buy custom boxes from our online store or place your order on Rapid Custom Boxes.

  1. Can you order custom boxes?

Yes, you can easily order the customized boxes from Rapid Custom Boxes.

  1. How to customize boxes?

Custom packaging requires size, material and features of the packaging to meet specific requirements. You can create custom boxes that protect your product and elevate the brand image and experience.

  1. How to make your own custom boxes?

To make your own custom boxes, select the design and the right material for your purpose. Determine the dimension of your product and printing quality that aligns your brand.

  1. What are custom packaging boxes?

Custom packaging boxes are the tailored boxes which you can design for the brand publicity and suits your business requirements.

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