Packaging Inserts

A Comprehensive Guide to Packaging Inserts

Table of Contents

  • Introduction to packaging inserts
  • A deep dive into types of packaging inserts
  • Box Inserts
  • Promotional Inserts
  • A Guide on How to Select the Right Type of Insert for Your Product
  • Packaging inserts for medication


Welcome to the comprehensive guide of Packaging inserts where we will explore how to enhance the product packaging with pensive and useful inserts. In this guide, we will also help you to know about selection tips, inserts which is more effective for your product and the deep aspects legal compliance. Let’s go with us to unbolt the potential of packaging inserts, encouraging customer experience and assure you that your packaging is not only productive and aesthetic but also complies with necessary regulations. This comprehensive exploration will let you know how these small additions can express your brand and customer satisfaction.

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A Deep Dive into Types of Packaging Inserts

Here we go into the profound world of packaging inserts to uncover the different types that can enhance your product packaging. These types of packaging inserts play an important role in shaping the customer experience and brand communication. The insights and impacts help you to opt the best type of inserts for your packaging. Selecting the right insert depends on your product nature and protection goals, here is an overview of types of packaging inserts:

  1. Box Insert

Box insert is a kind of packaging insert used for various purposes including safety, representation and equipment. Different types of box inserts are in use for packaging purposes:

  • Foam Inserts

The purpose of this insert is to provide protection for fragile and sensitive products. The custom cut of the insert enhances the fitness of product securely.

  • Cardboard Inserts

The insertion of cardboard provides extra protection to the items. The packaging will divide into compartments for many products.

  • Paperboard Inserts

Paperboard is lighter in weight than other inserts and is environment friendly for support. This packaging insert is mostly utilized for organizing small products.

  • Die Cut Inserts

Die cut inserts are customized inserts to place the specific products in position. The cut shape of this packaging insert is very precise according to the product.

  • Plastic Tray Inserts

Plastic tray inserts are perfect for the secure preservation of products within a box. These inserts can be long lasting and appealing in representation.

  • Blister Inserts

The blister inserts also provide protection to the products. The packaging is the type of transparent plastic. Due to its transparency, the product can easily be visualized.

  • EVA form Inserts

Ethylene vinyl acetate packaging inserts provide resistance to products. The is the widely used insert for the electronics packaging.

  1. Promotional Inserts

These types of inserts are used for various purposes in packaging like brand promotion or as a marketing tool. The promotional packaging inserts are here:

  • Discount Coupons

The discount coupons provide the future purchasing by describing exclusive discounts and off-percentages.  This type of insert encourages the customers for great purchasing.

  • Promo code

The promo codes are specifically granted for online purchasing. This type of special offer is available in weird alphanumeric codes. This type of insertion is helpful in driving online traffic and brand promotion.

  • Gratitude notes or codes

The gratitude notes are the Thank you notes to show kindness to the customers. This type of promotional inserts attracts more customers and create personal connections.

  • Survey or Feedback forms

The purpose is to enhance the product packaging by the customer feedback forms. It becomes helpful to get insights about customer satisfaction.

  • Social Media or Review request

Ask the customers to review the product and share your experience. It also assists in brand promotion and satisfaction for other customers. Request product reviewing increases the online purchasing and reputation.

  • Care Instructions

This packaging insert provides insights about handling the product or how to store the item. The given instructions will make the product long lasting for use.

A Guide on How to Select the Right Type of Insert for Your Product

Selecting the right type of insert for your product is the major aspect in creating positive and satisfied customer experience. Here is a step by step guide which helps you in making right insert decision:

  1. Understand Your product

First of all, it is necessary to understand the dimensions of product by size, nature and shape. By considering its size, sensitivity and other features, choose the type of insert which is perfect for product protection.

  1. Identify the purpose

Recognize the purpose of packaging. Do you want to choose the insert for product preservation, branding, enhance purchasing or promote customer experience?

  1. Tailor to your Brand

Make sure you select that insert which suits your brand. Select the color, imaging, short notes or other elements which integrates with your brand.

  1. Estimate product sensitivity

For the fragile and sensitive product, select that insert which protect the product through the enough cushioning effect. Foam or pulp type of material protect the items during shipping.

  1. Recognize product complexity

According to the product complexity, choose the insert which is suitable for multiple products or have compartments. The product with multiple components and has instructional notes increases the positive reviews and online traffic.

  1. Promotional goals

If you have intention for brand promotion or spread business, use promotional inserts such as discount offers, promo codes or loyalty programs.

  1. Compliance with regulations

Make sure the type of insert you choose must match the legal regulations. This is helpful for product safety and other usage instructions.

  1. Test Prototypes

Before the bundle of packaging, test the prototypes of your packaging to ensure that the selected packaging insert is perfect for the product or not. This step will assist to identify potential issues and know the insert fulfils the purpose of packaging or not.

By keenly observe these steps, you will be successful in opting right type of insert. The insert either enhance your packaging product or not and integrates with brand strategy. This guide delivers a positive customer experience.

Packaging Inserts for Medications

Packaging Inserts for medications used to describe the information leaflets for the patients. These types of specific inserts have following aspects:

  • Drug name along with description
  • Usage and symptoms
  • Dosage and its administration
  • Warnings and precautionary measures
  • Side effects
  • Drug interaction
  • Overdosage
  • Storage information
  • Patient counselling in adverse effects

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